Ultimate Library of Essential Oil Recipes

Looking for the best essential oil recipes? Well, you are in the right place. This ultimate library of essential oil recipes includes all the best free essential oil recipes in one place!

DIY Essential Oil Recipes

Essential oils have helped me and my family in so many different ways. We use them for sleep support, when we have a headache, when we’re having trouble focusing, and so many different ways throughout our day.

But the way they have impacted our lives the most is by reducing the toxins in our home.

Toxic ingredients in personal care and household products can be extremely harmful to your health. Many of them can cause endocrine disruption, reproductive issues, immunotoxicity, cancer, and more.

Some have also been linked to the development of autoimmune diseases. You can read the studies below to learn more about that.

Because of essential oils, I have been able to throw out so many of the toxic products we used to use on a daily basis.

Essential oils are vital when it comes to making homemade, toxin-free products.

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Why You Should Make Homemade Products with Essential Oils

Natural products have become very popular over the past few years which is a great thing. You can find so many products on store shelves with labels claiming that they are natural or toxin-free.

But there are a few reasons why you might want to make your own homemade products with essential oils rather than purchasing so-called natural products from the store.

I’ve listed a few of those reasons below.

Less Expensive

Many so-called natural brands are quite pricey. Homemade products with essential oils are usually significantly less to make and can save you a lot of money.

Less Waste

One of my favorite reasons to make homemade products with essential oils is you don’t incur very much packaging waste. I like to use glass bottles or containers to store most of my homemade products.

So I just clean out and reuse those bottles and containers over and over again. When purchasing store-bought hand wash, you might end up going through 12-24 or more plastic bottles every year.

But with my homemade soap, I use the same 3 bottles every year. So there is much less waste.

No Plastic

As I mentioned, I almost always use glass bottles for my homemade products which aren’t just good for the environment but are also good for my health.

Sometimes the chemicals from the plastic bottles can leach into the product itself which is not good.

If you store your homemade products in glass then you don’t have to worry about that problem.

Control Over Ingredients

So the reason I keep calling store-bought natural brands “so-called” natural brands, is because often the ingredients in these products are not natural at all.

These brands use deceptive labeling to convince you that they are natural when the ingredient label says otherwise.

When you make your own products at home you have complete control over the ingredients that are in them and you don’t have to wonder whether or not the product is completely natural or not.

Vote With Your Dollar

And one last thing I want to mention is how important it is to vote with your dollar. I believe voting with your dollar is one of the most powerful tools we have in making a change in the world.

If a company is supporting things that you think are wrong then don’t give that company your business. Instead, support companies that line up with your beliefs.

Many so-called natural brands like Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation have been bought out. Mrs. Meyers is owned by SC Johnson who also owns Glade, Windex, Drano, Pledge, and plenty other toxic brands that are harming people’s health and the environment.

By the way, SC Johnson had to pay out 2.25 million in a recent class-action lawsuit where they were accused of mislabeling products with the term “non-toxic” when they were in fact toxic.

You can read more about that lawsuit here.

Seventh Generation is now owned by Unilever. Unilever owns Axe, Suave, Dove, and many other personal care brands that use harmful ingredients in their products.

Unilever has been involved in many lawsuits and is currently facing a class-action lawsuit alleging their Trésemme keratin hair smoothing shampoo and conditioner can cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

This product contains DMDM hydantoin, which can slowly release formaldehyde when exposed to water. Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer.

So my point in all of that is, sometimes you think you’re supporting a natural brand when in fact you are supporting companies that are profiting from products that could be potentially harming our bodies and the environment.

When you make your own homemade products, you don’t have to worry about unknowingly supporting these types of companies.

What Can You Make From Essential Oils

There are so many different things that you can make with essential oils. I have been able to replace so many of the toxic products in my home over the years.

With essential oils, you can make cleaning products, lotions, face serums, body wash, hand soap, and so much more.

By the way, before we jump into all the different recipes I wanted to quickly share one of my secrets to creating homemade products with essential oils.

Every month I get the Simply Earth monthly recipe box delivered to my front door. This box contains 4 full-size essential oils and other items needed to make non-toxic homemade products.

With each box, I am able to make 4-6 homemade household/personal care products. Because of the Simply Earth recipe box, I have been able to ditch so many products in my home without even really having to think about it.

They send me the recipes and the ingredients every month. It’s super cool and extremely affordable.

Like I mentioned before, the box comes with 4 full-size essential oils and other items to make non-toxic DIYs. The box is only $39.99 and if you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE you’ll also receive a big bonus box which includes carrier oils and glass bottles, plus you’ll also receive a $40 Simply Earth gift card, all for only $39.99!!!

You can check out some of the recipe boxes I have received in the past below.

Simply Earth is one of my favorite essential oil brands. If you want to learn more about them, I encourage you to read my full Simply Earth essential oils review.

Use Pure Essential Oils

When making essential oil recipes always use 100% pure essential oils.

You can read this post – how to choose an essential oil brand – to learn how to identify high-quality, trustworthy brands.

You can also check out this post – fake essential oil brands you should avoid – to discover essential oil brands to stay far away from and also learn how to spot fake essential oils.

Free Essential Oil Recipes

I have spent the past few years creating and sharing many free essential oil recipes. And I plan to keep on creating more and more to share with you.

I wanted to create this library of essential oil recipes so that you can easily find the free essential oil recipe that you are looking for. I hope you find it helpful!

Essential Oil Recipes for Your Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest ways to use essential oils. If you are new to diffusing essential oils be sure to check out my post, how to use an essential oil diffuser, to learn everything you need to know about diffusing essential oils.

And if you need a new diffuser, check out this post, the best essential oil diffusers.

Essential Oil Recipes for Cleaning / Household

Cleaning products and air fresheners are the most toxic products lurking in most people’s homes. The good news is that they are one of the easiest products to replace.

Below are some homemade cleaning product recipes to get you started.

Essential Oil Recipes for Your Hair

All the best essential oil recipes for your hair are below. More to come soon!

Essential Oil Recipes for Your Skin

The skin is your body’s largest organ and it is porous so it absorbs whatever you put on it. That is why it is so important to know what ingredients are in your skincare products.

All the skincare products below contain 100% natural, simple ingredients.

Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Many store-bought perfumes and body sprays contain toxic ingredients. Essential oils are the perfect thing to make the best smelling, all-natural perfumes.

Essential Oil Bath Recipes

From bath oils to bubble bath, you’ll find all the best essential oil bath recipes below!

Essential Oil Recipes for Roller Bottles

I love to make essential oil recipes for roller bottles. Roller bottles are a quick and convenient way to use essential oils topically.

If you are new to the world of roller bottles I encourage you to read this post, the best essential oil recipes for roller bottles.

I hope you find this library of essential oil recipes helpful. If you have any suggestions for new recipes you would like to see here, please let me know in the comment section below!

And if you would like to learn even more about essential oils make sure to check out my ultimate beginner’s guide to essential oils!

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