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Essential Oil Sleep Rollerball Recipe

There are some people who are blessed with the ability to fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. I am definitely not one of those people. Although, I really wish I was!

Sleep has been a problem for me ever since I was 12 years old. I’m constantly trying new things to improve my sleep. Natural supplements, sleep tea, essential oils, etc.

I have a variety of sleep tools in my sleep toolbox. This essential oil sleep rollerball is one of them!

It is made up of my favorite essential oils for sleep. I just roll it on before bed and it really helps me to relax and calm down.


If you are new to essential oils and don’t know very much about them you can read this post. But to sum it up, e   

sleep roller blend

Best Essential Oils for Sleep

The first essential oil that might come to your mind when you think of sleep is lavender. And that’s for good reason. Lavender is well known for it’s sleep benefits. And I definitely included it in this roller ball recipe!

But there are actually quite a few essential oils that can help you sleep better. You can read all about them here.

For this sleep rollerball recipe recipe I stuck with my three favorites which you can read more about below.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver oil comes form the vetiver plant. It has a strong earthy fragrance. Vetiver essential oil is very calming and can help you to unwind and destress. It can also help reduce anxiety.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood oil is steam distilled from the wood of the cedar tree. It works really well to calm your nerves and ease your mind. It naturally promotes stress relief.


Like I mentioned earlier, Lavender is very well known for its sleep benefits. It is made from the lavender plant. It has a peaceful, calming effect. Lavender essential oil is used often to reduce insomnia and anxiety.

DIY Sleep Rollerball Supplies



Essential Oil Sleep roller blend Recipe

Add the above oils to a

Where to apply sleep roller

You can apply the rollerball to the back of your neck, wrists and (my favorite spot) the bottoms of your feet. I usually apply my rollerball right before getting into bed.

Sleep rollerball for kids

If you have sons I would read this article before applying lavender oil directly to their skin on a regular basis. With that article in mind, I recommend using half of the recommended drops above when using on children or switching out the lavender for roman chamomile.

And please, only use the recipe above on children 3 years old and up.

Use High Quality Essential Oils


Florihana is my absolute favorite company to buy essential oils from. You can read my full Florihana essential oils review here and discover why I love them so much!

Final Thoughts about Sleep Roller Blend

This roller blend isn’t going to make all your sleep problems disappear. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s just one of the many tools I use to help me sleep. If you have some pretty significant sleep problems I recommend you read this post. I hope between that post and this post you’ll find the rest you’re looking for!

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Essential Oil Sleep Rollerball Recipe

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