Homemade Poo Pourri Spray with Essential Oils + Free Printable Label

Bottle of poo pourri spray sitting on bathroom shelf next to plant and toilet paper

Homemade Poo Pourri Spray with Essential Oils

Poo pourri is a must have for any and every bathroom. At least, I think so. But maybe that’s because I share a bathroom with three boys.

Never the less, I always make sure we are fully stocked with poo pourri. If you’re not familiar with poo pourri, it’s basically a bathroom deodorizer. It prevents and eliminates stinky bathroom odors that occur when one goes number two. You can check out the original product here.


I used to buy the original formula but recently decided to try and make my own diy version.

I wanted to make my own homemade poo-pourri for two reasons.

  1. I wanted to know exactly what was in it. The creators of the original Poo-Pourri claim their product is free of parabens, ethanol and many other harsh chemicals, but they don’t actually list the ingredients on their products. So you don’t really know for sure what you’re spraying or breathing in.
  2. I wanted to save money. The original Poo-pourri can cost you around $4 an ounce (and we go through a lot in my house). This diy version costs around $1 an ounce (if I did my math correctly). The cost will vary depending on which essential oils you choose to use.

Woman holding bottle of homemade bathroom spray over toilet in bathroom

How to make DIY Bathroom Spray

Before you make your own diy poo pourri spray you’ll first need to gather your supplies.

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies just follow the step by step directions below.

  1. Add 30-40 drops of essential oil to bottle (favorite recipes below)
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin to bottle
  3. Add 2oz of witch hazel to bottle
  4. Fill bottle rest of the way with distilled water
  5. Shake well
  6. Add your label
  7. Done!

Favorite Bathroom Spray Essential Oil Recipes

Citrus | 15 drops Bergamot, 10 drops Lemon, 15 drops of Orange

Floral | 15 drops Lavender, 15 drops Ylang Ylang, 10 drops Geranium

Minty | 15 drops Peppermint, 15 drops Spearmint, 10 drops Lime

Here are a few bonus recipes for fall

Get your free printable poo pourri label below!



How to use Homemade poo pourri

The secret to using poo pourri is to spray it before you go, not after. Just spray 2-4 times in toilet before you go. The poo pourri creates a barrier which traps the odors in the toilet where they belong! And your bathroom stays fresh and clean.


I’m kinda addicted to making my own copycat diy products. Some of my creations are a success and some are total fails. This one my friends, is a winner. I compared it to the original formula and it works just the same.

I like to add the above mixture to these super tiny spray bottles to create little on the go poo-pourri bottles. They’re so small you can just throw them in your purse.

If you have any questions or have your own favorite recipe combo please share in the comments below!

Author: Candice Sinner

Hi! I’m Candice & I’m an essential oil junkie. I want to help you break free from toxic chemicals & toxic living so you can live the life God created you to live. Click here to learn more about me and my health journey.

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Homemade Poo Pourri Spray with Essential Oils

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