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Below you will discover all my favorite health and wellness products in one place. Everything from air purifiers to supplements. PLUS, exclusive discounts just for you! Links below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclaimer here

While I 100% believe there are many free ways to improve your health ie: sunshine, walking, grounding, etc. I also believe your health is worth investing in. So often we don’t even think twice about purchasing a new cell phone or buying coffee every morning on our way to work but we hesitate to purchase products that will help to improve our health and overall well-being.

True health is wealth. What is the point of having money if you don’t feel well enough to truly enjoy it? The products below have helped me restore my health so that I have the physical and mental capacity to make more money, spend quality time with family and friends, and truly enjoy my life again. Investing in your health is one of the best decisions that you can make.

Freely Rooted Course

I know the information I share on my blog can be overwhelming especially if it is in opposition to previously held beliefs you had about food and health.

You may want to make diet and lifestyle changes but don’t know where to begin.

If that is you, you may find this pro-metabolic course extremely helpful.

I actually took the Freely Rooted course in early 2022 after already knowing quite a bit about pro-metabolic eating and pro-metabolic principles and still was able to learn so much.

I highly recommend it. The private Facebook group alone is well worth the entire price of the course in my opinion.

GembaRed Vector Mini Red and NIR LED Light Panel

Red light therapy is an amazing healing modality that can help to heal your skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and so much more!

You can click here to learn exactly what red light therapy is, the science behind it, and all of its amazing benefits!

One of my favorite small businesses, GembaRed, is currently offering my readers 10% off their red light therapy devices.

Their lights are low flicker and low emf which is why they are the only red light company I recommend. 

I own the Vector Mini Red and NIR LED Light Panel. I highly recommend it. It’s worth every penny.

You can use the code happyheart10 to receive 10% off your purchase!

Airdoctor air purifier

Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies, ear, nose, and throat issues, an increase in autoimmune symptoms, headaches, and more.

My favorite way to eliminate harmful contaminants and improve indoor air quality is by using an air purifier, specifically the AirDoctor.

An air purifier is an extremely simple, easy-to-use tool that can have a powerful impact on your health. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on and it does all the hard work.

But with that being said, although an air purifier is simple to use they can be kind of pricey.

Some cost well over $1,000! 

But you can get a deep discount on my favorite air purifier, the AirDoctor when you use this link.


My favorite place to shop online for healthy groceries is Thrive Market. They have great prices, amazing customer service, fast shipping, and a large variety of different products. 

Right now you can get a free gift valued up to $50 + 30% off your first order when you purchase a Thrive Market Membership!

You can click here to read my full Thrive Market review.


All natural and soil-derived, ION* Gut Support is proven to strengthen the gut lining—supporting a thriving microbiome and improved gut function.

I consume this every single day. It has helped to diversify my microbiome, support healthy digestion, alleviate gluten sensitivity, and improve nutrient absorption.

I highly recommend it!

iSpring 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Do you know what is in your drinking water? I found out not too long ago what was in mine and let’s just say it wasn’t good!

So I spent weeks researching just about everything there is to know about toxin-free drinking water and water filtration systems.

I compiled everything I learned into one massive guide that you can check out here.

I ultimately chose to use the iSpring 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis System in my home.

I chose this system mainly because of its effectiveness in removing contaminants. For me, this was the most important factor when it came to choosing a water filtration system for my home.

I’ve been using it for over 3 years now and I highly recommend it!


Not all beef is the same. Beef that comes from happy, healthy cows that graze on grass in the sunshine the way God intended is superior to conventionally raised beef.

I try my best to support local farmers but I also support different farmers across the country. One of my favorite places to buy grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chicken online is US Wellness Meats.

US Wellness Meats is owned and operated by family farms. Their farms use NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO added growth hormones, NO GMOs, and NO antibiotics.


When it comes to essential oils I have lots of favorites. Too many to list here so I created an essential oil favorites page with essential oil brands and products that I use and love. Click the link below to check it out!

Biofulvic fulvic & humic blend

This fulvic & humic trace mineral formula provides all the essential trace nutrients directly from nature to you.

Biofulvic micronutrient blend can increase metabolism within cells, neutralize toxins produced within cells, make cells more permeable to nutrients, remove heavy metals from the body, and more!

I love this stuff! I take it every single day!


Every person is different. Each person has different deficiencies, infections, sensitivities, imbalances, and genetic mutations going on inside their body.

So although the supplements below have benefited me greatly that doesn’t mean they will benefit you. I encourage you to read this post in its entirety to learn more about each supplement and talk to your doctor before trying any of the supplements below.

MitoLife PUFA Protect (Vitamin E)

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Dissolve-It-All (Systemic Enzymes)

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Panacea (Pure Shilajit Tablets)

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Magnesium products

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