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Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

Ready for some R & R? You need to try this homemade bubble bath recipe. It’s super easy to put together and 100% all natural. Plus, the scent is fully customizable.

Homemade bubble bath in glass soap dispenser

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, relaxing bubble bath from time to time? I know I do. I loved them as a kid and I still love them now!

What I don’t love is all the unnecessary chemicals that are often added to store bought bubble bath.

For example, many store bought bubble baths contain sulfates and synthetic fragrances that have been linked to endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, and non-reproductive organ system toxicity.

And what upsets me the most about this is, most of these bubble baths are marketed towards children and babies.

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So I’ve stopped buying store bought bubble bath and instead I make my own.

It’s super easy to make, all natural, and it’s a lot cheaper than your average bubble bath purchased from the store.

How To Make Your own Bubble Bath

To make your own homemade bubble bath you’ll need a jar or bottle like this one. And you’ll also need the following ingredients.

Unscented Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner's unscented castile soap

Castile soap is the base for this bubble bath. It’s what gives this bubble bath it’s bubbles. Plus, this vegetable-based, natural product, is great for all skin types, including that of babies as well.

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Natural Body Wash (optional)

Everyone soap unscented

If you have hard water you might find that the castile soap doesn’t suds up very well. In that case, I recommend adding a body wash to the bubble bath. Use something natural like Everyone unscented body wash.

Or if you don’t have hard water but you like lots and lots of bubbles I recommend adding the body wash as well. It definitely suds up a lot more if you add the body wash along with the castile soap.

Vegetable glycerin

Viva Naturals Vegetable Glycerin

The vegetable glycerin helps to thicken up the bubble bath and give it more suds and bubbles while also providing extra moisture.

Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Lavender essential oil

Essential oils are what give the bubble bath it’s scent. All of the other ingredients are unscented. So if you want your bubble bath to smell good make sure to add essential oils.

Different essential oil scent combinations are listed below.

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Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

To make this homemade bubble bath recipe simply add the following ingredients to your jar or bottle. Keep in mind, I use an 18oz glass bottle to make this bubble bath. If you are using something larger or smaller you’ll need to properly adjust the amount of each ingredient below.

Make sure to blend the ingredients well and shake well before each use.

Simple Essential Oil Scent Combinations

You can create any scent combination you like with essential oils. If you’re looking for something really simple that doesn’t involve a whole lot of essential oils I recommend the following combos.

Just simply add the essential oils to the recipe above. But remember to make adjustments if you are using a larger or smaller jar than what I recommended above.

15 drops lavender + 15 drops lemon

15 drops peppermint + 15 drops orange

15 drops grapefruit + 15 drops lime

Homemade Christmas Bubble Bath

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it would be fun to create some scent combinations that are perfect for the holidays.

Candy Cane bubble bath in glass soap dispenser

Candy Cane

30 drops peppermint + 10 drops spearmint

Christmas Cookie

20 drops ginger + 5 drops clove + 5 drops cinnamon + 4 drops nutmeg + 10 drops vanilla

Christmas Cookie bubble bath in glass bottle

Christmas Tree

30 drops fir + 5 drops vetiver + 5 drops cypress

This diy bubble bath makes a great homemade gift, especially the Christmas scented bubble baths.

Homemade bubble bath in glass bottle

You can sign up to receive free homemade printable gift tags below.

Or you can sign up to receive the colored bubble bath labels instead.

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How To Use Homemade bubble Bath

To use this homemade bubble bath simply pour 1/4 to 1/2 a cup into the bath tub while the tub is filling with water. If it’s not bubbly or sudsy enough feel free to add more.

Keep in mind homemade bubble bath doesn’t suds up as much as store bought bubble bath. Store bought bubble baths contain surfactants. Surfactants are what create big, foamy bubbles.

Surfactants are also really horrible for the environment so I stick with my homemade bubblebath.

I’ve heard you can whisk an egg white into the bubble bath mixture and it will help create fluffy, long lasting bubbles but I haven’t tried it yet.

Need Essential Oils?

Make sure you use 100% pure essential oils when putting together this recipe. High quality oils don’t have to cost a lot.

I use Simply Earth, Plant Therapy, and Florihana essential oils. They all sale high quality oils for less.

If you decide to buy from Simply Earth you can use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE to receive an essential oil recipe box, a big bonus box, and a $40 Simply Earth gift card, all for only $39.99!!!

Let me know if you have any questions about this homemade bubble bath recipe in the comments below.

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