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Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Want to learn more about Simply Earth? Check out this full Simply Earth essential oils review. This review will help you discover everything there is to know about Simply Earth and whether or not their essential oils are any good.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Simply Earth is a newer essential oil company that not very many people know about. They’re not as popular as Young Living or Doterra but I’ve been really enjoying using their oils.

So I thought it was about time to do a Simply Earth essential oils review. But before we get started I want to go over a few things in regard to essential oil brands.

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I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before using essential oils on children under 5 or while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please do not ask me for medical advice. Click here to read my full disclaimer.

Choosing an Essential Oil Brand

Choosing an essential oil company to buy from is not something you should do blindly. You should do careful research before buying essential oils to ensure the oils are 100% pure and high quality.

Because believe it or not, there are companies that sell fake essential oils. You can read this post – fake essential oil brands you should avoid – to learn more.

Another mistake you might make when purchasing essential oils is buying from the more popular (and more expensive brands) without doing proper research.

Do not let the price and popularity of an essential oil brand sway you into believing they’re the best. Always do your own research!

So what should you look for in an essential oil brand? I actually wrote an entire post on this subject – how to choose an essential oil brand – that you might find useful. But to quickly sum it up I believe there are 7 factors that matter most when choosing an essential company to buy from.

  1. Plants are harvested from indigenous locations
  2. Plants are organic or wildcrafted
  3. The company uses proper extraction methods
  4. The oils are completely unadulterated
  5. The company provides GC/MS testing reports
  6. The company bottles and labels its oils properly
  7. The company’s essential oils are fairly priced

So we are going to see if Simply Earth essential oils meet all the criteria above. But before we do I would like to share a little bit about the company.


Simply Earth Review

Simply Earth is a small, family-run essential oils company based in Hingham, Wisconsin. Below is a quote from the Simply Earth website that explains why they decided to start an essential oil company.

“We were tired of overpaying for essential oils and having to go to parties to actually buy them. We were frustrated by using natural products that didn’t always work. When we asked around, we learned lots of women were upset about the situation too, so we decided to do something about it. We started Simply Earth to help make your home natural.” ~ Simply Earth

One of my favorite things about Simply Earth is that 13% of their profits are donated each month to organizations working to fight against human trafficking. You can learn more about that here.

Okay, now on to the important questions!

Where Do Simply Earth Essential Oils Come From?

Simply Earth sources its plants from farms located all over the world. They claim to carefully and ethically choose a region where the plant will thrive. When the plants have reached maturity, they are harvested safely and fairly.

Is Simply Earth Organic?

I could not find any information about this on their website. So I reached out to them via their website chat system and asked them and received a very quick response which is below.

“Thank you for reaching out to us and inquiring about our essential oils! We are so glad you contacted us because we love talking about our oils! We are extremely proud of our oils and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
In order for our oils to be listed as organic, all of the suppliers that supply these oils from around the world would need to be Organically Certified. This is extremely expensive and hard to maintain the process. We pride ourselves in providing an extremely high-quality oil at an affordable price. In order to provide our customers with that, we have chosen not to require all of the oil suppliers to be organically certified.
Although we are extremely picky on where our oils come from and the processes they use, we cannot guarantee that all organic processes are followed. We are very proud of our oils and we guarantee our individual oils and blends are 100% pure and never-ever diluted!”

 What Extraction Method Does Simply Earth Use?

The extraction method is very important. The extraction method can either preserve or destroy the plant’s molecular structure.

Simply Earth extracts its oils through either cold-pressing or steam distillation. Both are the most popular and common extraction methods in the essential oil industry.

Are Simply Earth Oils Pure?

Simply Earth does not add any bases, carriers, paraffins, or additives to any of its oils. They test every batch to ensure 100% purity.

Does Simply Earth Provide Gc/Ms Testing Reports?

Simply Earth does third-party GC/MS batch testing. GC/MS testing helps ensure extract purity and composition potency by ensuring major constituents are within generally accepted guidelines.

They display quality testing in the form of GC/MS reports for all their oils right on each individual product page.

You can learn more about GC/MS testing here.

Does Simply Earth Use Proper Bottling And Labeling Techniques?

Two Simply Earth essential oil bottles on kitchen counter.

They use dark, amber, glass bottles which prevent the oil from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The label includes the Latin botanical name of the oil, safety information, as well as the country of origin.

So I would definitely say they use proper bottling and labeling techniques.

Are Simply Earth Oils Priced Fairly?

Their prices are amazing. They’re extremely fair. You can check them out here.

Let’s compare prices for grapefruit essential oil. A 15ml bottle from Simply Earth is $9.99. A 15ml bottle from Young Living is $22.70. And a 15ml bottle from Doterra is $24.

That’s a huge difference! And that is just one example.

Simply Earth Subscription Box

What really makes Simply Earth stand out among many of the other essential oil companies is their monthly subscription box service.

The monthly subscription box contains 4 full-size, 100% pure essential oils, essential oil recipe cards, and extra items you need to make the recipes. Each box is themed based on the month.

Each Simply Earth subscription box is only $44.99 or $29.99 for new customers. And there is no long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime. 

Plus you can score an even better deal by using the exclusive coupon code – HAPPYHEARTFREE.

Included with your first month’s Simply Earth subscription is a Simply Earth big bonus box. The big bonus box contains $50 worth of supplies which includes hard oil, spray bottles, roller bottles, and more!

Plus, you automatically get the big bonus box shipped to you with every 6th monthly subscription box.

Every Simply Earth subscription box I have received, I’ve loved. You can check out different boxes I’ve done reviews on below so you can get a better idea of what you can expect to find in a Simply Earth recipe box.

A couple more cool things about subscribing to the Simply Earth monthly recipe box is you will also have free access to a $250 value essential oils course so you can learn how to use your oils safely and properly.

Plus, you also get exclusive access to members-only sales. And if you receive an essential oil in your monthly recipe box that you already own or that you just don’t like Simply Earth will allow you to exchange it for a different oil.

I think that is pretty cool!

How Do I Cancel My Simply Earth Subscription?

If you decide you would like to cancel your Simply Earth subscription that is no problem at all. It is super easy. As I mentioned before, when you subscribe to Simply Earth’s monthly recipe box there is no long-term commitment.

You can cancel at any time. All you have to do is log into your account and click on the manage my subscription link. You can click here for more detailed directions.

Where To Buy Simply Earth Essential Oils

The only place you can purchase Simply Earth essential oils is on their company website. Check it out at SimplyEarth.com.

Can You Ingest Simply Earth Essential Oils?

The topic of ingesting essential oils is a highly debated one in the essential oil community. When I was a member of Young Living, ingesting essential oils was highly promoted.

After doing my own research I discovered that ingesting essential oils can be dangerous and there have been many people who have had very bad reactions.

I personally have ingested essential oils and still continue to do so on occasion but I think that is a decision each individual person needs to make on their own. 

There just has not been enough medical research done in regard to ingesting essential oils to conclusively say one way or the other.

Now as far as whether or not Simply Earth essential oils are safe to ingest, the answer is a little complicated.

Simply Earth does not label their oils safe for consumption the way DoTerra and Young Living do but that is a whole other discussion as to whether DoTerra and Young Living should be labeling their oils that way knowing the lack of research that is available in regards to ingesting essential oils.

If someone has come to the conclusion that ingesting essential oils is safe then I would tell them to be absolutely certain that the essential oil does not have any known adverse effects from ingesting (some essential oils should never ever be ingested) and the oil is completely unadulterated and 100% pure, which Simply Earth essential oils are. 

I personally ingest Simply Earth essential oils. Based on my research they are the same quality as DoTerra and Young Living if not higher quality. 

And Simply Earth provides GC/MS testing reports to their customers to prove the quality of their oils which Young Living does not.

With all of that being said, please keep in mind Simply Earth advises against ingesting essential oils in general.

You can read an article they wrote regarding ingesting essential oils here to learn more.

Is Simply Earth an MLM?

Simply Earth is not an MLM. When you purchase from Simply Earth there is no pressure to buy or sell essential oils. And because there isn’t an abundance of middlemen their prices are amazing.

You can click here to discover the best non-mlm essential oil brands.

Simply Earth vs Doterra

There are a few major differences between Simply Earth and Doterra. First off, as I just mentioned, Simply Earth is not an MLM company (multi-level marketing) and Doterra is.

Simply Earth provides its customers with GC/MS testing reports and as far as I can tell Doterra does not.

And of course, one of the biggest differences between these two brands is the price. Simply Earth essential oils cost significantly less than Doterra essential oils.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash other essential oil companies. I just think some companies have built a reputation for themselves as being the best or highest quality. 

But that’s all it is – a reputation. It’s not actually based on facts or information.

Because the fact is – there are actually many essential oil companies that sell high-quality, pure essential oils and Simply Earth is one of them.

And you can save a lot of money by purchasing from them versus from an MLM essential oil company.

My Favorite Simply Earth Blends

Simply Earth has a large selection of custom blends. A few of my favorites are their sleepy blend, breathe easy blend, and bug fighter blend. You can check out all their blends here.

Simply Earth Coupon Code

Simply Earth has provided me with a coupon code to share with my readers. You can use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE to receive a $45 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box.

You can use the $45 gift card on a future purchase or on your next box.

With the coupon code, you will receive the monthly subscription box, the bonus box as well as a $45 Simply Earth gift card all for only $29.99!!!! (New customers only!)

And as I mentioned earlier you can cancel your subscription box service at any time. There is no long-term commitment whatsoever! They also have a very generous return policy which you can learn about here.

Click here to order!!!

Is Simply Earth Legit?

Overall, I believe Simply Earth is definitely legit and a great company to purchase essential oils from.

The one thing that bothered me a little bit after doing my research was that their oils are not guaranteed to be organic or wildcrafted.

But I’m going to continue to use their oils because not being certified organic doesn’t necessarily mean pesticides were used on the plants.

It just means that the certification process is too expensive (which it is and that drives me crazy!) and they would prefer to keep their prices affordable for their customers.

Also, the fact that this is a small, family-run business that actually uses its oils in their homes and on their families really increases my confidence in the quality of their oils.

Although, it is very important to me that the essential oils I use in my home and around my family are from organic or wild-crafted plants please keep in mind that pesticides, in general, are found at very low levels in essential oils.

So low that they can’t even be detected by GC/MS testing. So don’t completely dismiss an essential oil company if they can’t guarantee that their oils are completely organic.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Simply Earth essential oils review. If you have any questions or comments be sure to share them below. And don’t forget to use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE if you decide to buy a Simply Earth subscription box.

You can check out my other essential oil company reviews. And I’ll be writing a lot more in the future!

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Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

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  1. How do I use this for next month’s box if I’ve already started my subscription last month? I tried to plug in the code but it said it was invalid, does it work after May boxes have sold out?

  2. Sadly organic labels have also been compromised; a lot of companies pay the extra fines and still maintain the organic labels.
    If looking for what essential oils are safe/ unsafe look into Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young: Essential Oil Safety. ( gives chemical breakdowns on each oil)

  3. Thank you for your honest review. I started with DoTerra but it is pricey. I will try Simply Safw. I heard about them on Matthew Wests podcast.

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