The Best Spring Diffuser Blends

Looking for a way to freshen up your home? Essential oils are the perfect way to improve the smell of your home without toxic chemicals. These spring diffuser blends will make your home smell amazing!

The Best Essential Oil Blends To Diffuse This Spring

Spring is in the air. We have had an extremely wet and cold winter here in Southern California. It felt like spring was never going to arrive, but today, it officially feels like spring.

One of the first things I like to do on a beautiful spring day is open all the windows in my house and fill my diffuser with my favorite spring diffuser blends.

I used to be a candle addict before discovering essential oils. I had different candles for every season, but that was before I learned how harmful candles can be to your health.

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Some Candles Can Be Toxic

Scented candles can be a major source of indoor air pollution. Some candles disperse chemicals in the air that can be just as harmful as secondhand smoke. 

I won’t go into all the details, but I highly suggest you read this article for more information.

Air Fresheners Are Just As Toxic

Air fresheners are just as bad, if not worse. Studies have shown that the chemicals in most air fresheners can damage the lungs, liver, kidneys, and central nervous system.

So, if you’re still using scented candles and air fresheners, do yourself a huge favor and throw them away—like, right now!

Essential Oils To The Rescue

You can still make your home smell amazing with essential oils instead. You can even create the ambiance of a candle with cool diffusers like this one.

Essential oils are an amazing alternative to artificial fragrances. Not only are they 100% non-toxic, but they can actually support your health rather than destroy it.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils, you can read my ultimate beginner’s guide to essential oils.

So, instead of having different candles for each season, I now have my go-to essential oil blends for each season. Below are my favorite essential oil blends for spring.

Best Spring Diffuser Blends

1 | Spring Fling

2 | Breathe Easy

3 | Spring Break

4 | Vintage Rose

5 | Easter Sunday

6 | In Bloom

7 | Spring Cleaning

8 | Four Leaf Clover

9 | Wild Flowers

10 | Hello Spring

How To Diffuse Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils is so easy. All you have to do is add water to your diffuser, add the essential oils, and turn it on. Easy peasy!

You can read my ultimate guide to diffusing essential oils to learn almost everything there is to know about diffusing essential oils.

A quick disclaimer, though: If you’re not using high-quality, 100% pure essential oils, you may need to add more drops than what is recommended above. More about that below!

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

You also want to make sure you are using a high-quality diffuser. I love, love, love my Aria diffuser and Desert Mist diffuser. Both can be purchased from Young Living or Amazon.

I also own several other diffusers that I purchased from Amazon. I have this one and this one. Both are under $20!

You can read this article—Best Essential Oil Diffusers—to discover some more of my favorite essential oil diffusers.

Choose High Quality Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are created equal. Many are synthetic, which can be just as harmful to your body as candles and air fresheners.

Because essential oils are not standardized or closely regulated, you have to be extra vigilant when purchasing them. Many claim to be 100% pure but actually are not.

Many essential oils labeled 100% pure are actually full of synthetic chemicals and additives. Cheap essential oils are actually very easy to spot once you start using high-quality oils.

They smell different, the color is different, and the consistency is different.

This article—Fake Essential Oil Brands You Should Avoid—explains which essential oil brands you should never buy and how to spot fake essential oils.

As I briefly mentioned above, if you’re using low-quality oils, you’ll need to add a lot more drops to your diffuser to make a room smell good.

I used to use Young Living oils exclusively, but after searching for high-quality oils at more affordable prices, I’ve started to branch out and use other brands.

I still occasionally use Young Living oils, but I also love oils from Simply Earth, Plant Therapy, and Far & Wild. High-quality oils don’t have to cost a fortune.

If you want to learn more about these essential oil brands, you can check out my full brand reviews below.

Final Thoughts About Spring Diffuser Blends

I don’t think I would be as far as I am on my health and wellness journey if it wasn’t for essential oils.

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2018, and a crucial part of my healing has been eliminating toxic chemicals from my home.

Essential oils are my favorite way to make my home smell amazing without using toxic chemicals. But essential oils do so much more than just make your house smell good.

If you would like to discover more ways to use essential oils, remember to check out my ultimate beginner’s guide to essential oils.

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can drop a comment below or contact me here. Happy diffusing everyone!

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The Best Spring Diffuser Blends

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