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Citrus Mint Body Wash Recipe

Ditch the toxins and awaken your senses with this homemade citrus mint body wash. It is made with energizing essential oils and is 100% all-natural!

Body wash is one of my favorite products to make homemade. It’s super easy to make, the scent is customizable, it works great, and it’s toxin-free!

I’m very careful about the products I apply to my skin. Many store-bought body washes are filled with questionable ingredients. Many even dangerous.

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For example, many popular body wash brands contain artificial fragrances and colors which can cause allergies, immunotoxicity, and endocrine disruption.

Even so-called natural brands can contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

So it’s super important to do your research when purchasing bath and body products. Especially if you have sensitive skin or are worried about being exposed to unnecessary toxins.

I love the EWG website. They also have an app that makes it so easy to research different brands to find out if they are truly safe/natural or not.

If you’re wondering whether or not your favorite body wash is free of harmful chemicals, simply search for it on the EWG app and find out.

But don’t worry if it is. I’ve got you covered. Like I mentioned earlier it’s super easy to make all-natural, homemade body wash.

And it is extremely affordable too!

Since I usually take showers first thing in the morning I like to make an energizing body wash.

This body wash recipe includes energy-boosting essential oils that can help to awaken your senses in the morning.

Below are the ingredients you’ll need to make this energizing body wash.

Homemade Citrus Mint Body Wash Ingredients

The first thing you’ll need to make this citrus mint body wash is a bottle. You can reuse an old body wash bottle if you’d like although I recommend using glass instead of plastic whenever possible.

The essential oils in the body wash can break down the plastic over time and cause the chemicals in the plastic to leach into the body wash.

And the whole point of making homemade body wash is to avoid toxic chemicals so just keep that in mind.

If you are going to use the body wash quickly I wouldn’t worry too much but if you’re going to store the body wash long term I would definitely recommend using glass.

This is the one I usually use. It’s an 8 ounce bottle.

You’ll also need the following ingredients. If you don’t have these ingredients on hand it might seem a bit expensive to have to invest in all of these different products.

But just remember you’ll be able to make this body wash over and over and over again using these ingredients.

And also, this body wash is very concentrated so you don’t need very much at all and it lasts a really long time.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is my go-to base for body wash. It is all-natural and it works great. Plus, it can be used for so many other things like homemade all-purpose cleaner. I always use Dr.Bronners unscented castile soap.

Almond Oil

Because castile soap can be a tad bit drying I like to add in some almond oil for its moisturizing benefits. If you’d prefer you can use coconut oil or jojoba oil instead.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin helps to thicken up the body wash as well as provide additional moisturizing properties.

Orange & Peppermint Essential Oils

Orange and peppermint essential oil are what give this body wash its energizing citrus and minty scent.

How to Make Energizing Body Wash

Once you have everything you need, add the following ingredients to the bottle. 

After you have added all the ingredients to the bottle, attach the lid, and shake well.

Citrus Mint Body Wash Recipe

Citrus Mint Body Wash Recipe

Yield: 8 ounces
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Ditch the toxins and awaken your senses with this homemade citrus mint body wash. It is made with energizing essential oils and is 100% all-natural!


  1. Add castile soap to the bottle
  2. Add almond oil to the bottle
  3. Add vegetable glycerin to the bottle
  4. Add essential oils to the bottle
  5. Attach pump
  6. Shake well


Shake well before each use

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Everything should fit perfectly into an 8-ounce bottle. If your bottle is larger or smaller you’ll need to adjust the ingredients.

You might find this body wash is too concentrated for your liking. If that’s the case feel free to add a little bit of filtered water to dilute it. But keep in mind water is a breeding ground for bacteria so it will decrease its shelf life.

If you decide to add water I would make sure to use up the body wash within 2 weeks.

Without the added water this body wash should stay good for at least a year.

I personally like the fact that it is highly concentrated. I just squirt one pump of the body wash onto a loofah sponge like this one and it lathers up wonderfully.

And that’s really all I need to wash my whole body. A little truly goes a long way.

Make sure to only use 100% pure essential oils. There are many fake/low-quality brands out there and not only do they smell horrible but some can even be dangerous.

Read this post I wrote – fake essential oil brands you should avoid – to learn more.

I love and recommend Florihana essential oils, Simply Earth, or Plant Therapy. They all sell high-quality essential oils and they are all very affordable too!

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