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Florihana Essential Oils Review

Florihana essential oils are amazing. They create high quality, affordable essential oils. Read this Florihana Essential oils review to learn more!

Florihana Essential Oils lying on cutting board

Florihana Essential Oils Review

Essential oils are amazing! I’ve been able to eliminate so many of the toxic chemicals in my home because of them. And everyday I’m discovering more and more uses for them. 

But one thing I don’t really like about essential oils or I guess you could say the “essential oil community” are all the arguments that take place over which essential oil company is best.

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I used to be a Young Living member and to be honest, I did believe their oils were the best. And I’m not going to get into all the reasons why I believed that.

But part of it was because prior to trying Young Living I had only used cheap oils from Amazon and the grocery store which more than likely were synthetic.

So when I tried Young Living essential oils I was kinda blown away. They were amazing and I still think their oils are amazing. I just no longer believe they’re the only amazing oils out there.


I had been using Young Living oils for over a year and as oils were becoming more and more a part of my life I felt like I was spending a fortune on them.

So I started researching other essential oil companies and I discovered Florihana essential oils.

And after researching Florihana as a company and trying their oils I was really shocked that not very many people were aware of this company.

It seems like every blog or Instagram post is about DoTerra or Young Living. So I wanted to share why I think Florihana is amazing and why I think you should give them a try.

Before I do though, I feel like I need to give this quick disclaimer.

I don’t believe Florihana is the best essential oil company. I don’t believe that company exists.

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I believe there are many amazing essential oil companies. And each has its pros and cons.

I still use my Young Living oils. I also use Eden’s Garden, Simply Earth, and  Plant Therapy. I’m not loyal to just one brand anymore.

But I wanted to specifically share about Florihana because there is not a lot of talk about them and they’re too awesome not to talk about and extremely affordable as well!

History of Florihana Essential Oils

Florihana Essential Oils sitting on cutting board next to plant

Florihana was created in 1993. The first part of the word Florihana comes from the French adjective “floral “which means “of the flower”.

The second part comes from the Japanese word “Hana” (はな/花/ハナ) which means flower.

Florihana owns and operates its own distillery. The Florihana distillery is located in the French region of Provence.

Why Florihana Essential Oils are Amazing

1 | Plants are harvested from indigenous locations

Florihana owns a 25 acre organic farm. Some of their plant sources come directly from their own fields, such as wild lavender, thyme, and savory.

These plant sources grow in harmony with the ecosystems that are native to plants.

For other plant sources, Florihana purchases them from organic sources around the world, in places where those plants are native to the ecosystem.

They do not have a huge plantation where herbs and plants are cultivated in a mono-crop mass-production farming operation.

2 | Plants are organic whenever possible

Florihana offers almost exclusively organic products that meet the specific standards recognized by the international community.

And the only reason I say “whenever possible” is because some plants are wild-crafted.

Wild-crafted refers to plants gathered from the wild that are grown in their natural environment and harvested without the use of chemicals.

These plants just haven’t been “certified” organic.

Person holding Florihana Essential oils in their hand

3 | Their Distillation process

The Florihana distillery has developed a highly innovative technology called “flash détente”. There is no other process like it in the world of aromatherapy and cosmetics.

They perform steam distillations at very low temperatures.

The volatile elements are driven to much lower temperatures than their boiling point, which prevents their decomposition and helps maintain the characteristics of molecules very similar to those produced by plants.

4 | Their oils are completely unadulterated

Florihana essential oils are 100% pure and not adulterated in any way. And they have tests to prove it. More about that below.

Florihana essential oils are also “therapeutic grade”. Which by the way is a term coined by certain essential oil companies in the United States.

Therapeutic grade is not an internationally defined term and there are not any independent third party certification organizations certifying essential oils as “therapeutic grade”.

Most of the time “therapeutic grade” is a term used to distinguish pure essential oils made from plant extracts, particularly through the distillation method.

Pure essential oils are completely natural and cannot be patented. Therefore, in the United States, there are currently no essential oils that have been approved for “therapeutic” claims.

5 | They Provide GC/MS Testing Reports

They do third party GC/MS batch testing on all of their essential oils and provide the results on their product pages.

You can also download all certificates and datasheets for each essential oil. Young Living does not release its GC/MS reports to the public.

Also, the Florihana distillery is equipped with SAP software to ensure optimal traceability. From distillation to delivery, all steps are clearly defined and controlled by 2D barcodes.

They also guarantee the traceability of each product thanks to the batch numbers written on the label and on all invoices.

6 | The Effectiveness of their oils

My essential oil collection is filled with all different brands of essential oils. But I’m constantly reaching for my Florihana oils.

And that’s because they’re amazing. Their oils are very potent and highly effective.

person holding Florihana Essential oils

7 | Their oils are extremely affordable

You would think that due to all the facts listed above that Florihana essential oils would be super expensive, especially considering the price of Young Living and DoTerra oils.

But they’re not.

They’re actually extremely affordable. Mind boggling affordable. With Florihana there are no “middlemen” or network marketing structures in place, so they are able to offer high-quality essential oils at affordable prices.

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Florihana vs Young Living

Just to give you an example of the price difference, a 15ml bottle of Frankincense from Young Living is $99.34 retail and $75.50 wholesale.

The same exact Frankincense (boswellia carterii) sold by Florihana for the same exact size 15g (15ml and 15g are the same size) is only $30.48.

That is a huge difference! DoTerra’s wholesale price for the same size bottle is $68.

Not all of Florihana’s essential oils are cheaper. Some are equal to Young Living’s wholesale price.

But I would still choose Florihana in most cases due to the facts mentioned above in regards to the company and the quality of their oils.

Florihana Essential Oils are not perfect

With everything being said above I just wanted to clarify, Florihana essential oils are not perfect. There are a few things I dislike about the company.

Florihana does not create or sell blends. Essential oil blends are one of the reasons I still use Young Living oils. I love their blends!

Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy also have awesome blends. I’m hoping one day in the future Florihana will create custom blends.

And like I mentioned earlier not all of their oils are significantly cheaper. Some are priced similar to Young Living and DoTerra oils.

But based on the reputation of the company and the quality of their oils I believe their prices are very fair.

Where to Buy Florihana Essential Oils

Florihana essential oils can be purchased directly from Florihana. But since the oils will be shipped directly from France the shipping costs are very high. But if you spend $100 or more your shipping costs are free.

Where to Buy Florihana Oils in The USA

Florihana essential oils can also be purchased in the U.S. from This is where I usually purchase from.

Shipping costs are around $8. If you spend over $100 shipping costs are usually free.

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Shipping is also a lot faster than when you purchase directly from

If you subscribe to their newsletter you can get $5 off and free shipping as well on orders $49 or more if you’re a first time customer. 

Plus, they often run free shipping promos and buy one get one free sales that they will notify you about once you subscribe to their newsletter.

They also sell many other natural health and wellness products. Click here to check them out!

Final thoughts about Florihana Essential Oils

I hope this Florihana essential oils review helps you realize high quality, amazing oils don’t have to cost a fortune.

If you have any questions about Florihana or about essential oils in general please leave them in the comments below!

Author: Candice Sinner

Hi! I’m Candice & I’m an essential oil junkie. I want to help you break free from toxic chemicals & toxic living so you can live the life God created you to live. Click here to learn more about me and my health journey.

Florihana Essential Oils Review

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  • Reply
    May 15, 2019 at 5:32 am

    Can ingest these oils?

    • Reply
      July 12, 2019 at 5:59 am

      Hi Bee! You really need to study more into essential oils and not just take what your upline informs you. There are many reputable books about essential oils. Educate yourself and see if you will still ask this question.

      • Reply
        October 3, 2019 at 4:08 am

        You didnt answer her question. I use Young living and doterra which I know are safe to ingest. I dont know and what I want to know is Florihana safe for ingestion

        • Reply
          October 4, 2019 at 11:09 am

          Hi Ellen. The topic of ingesting essential oils is a highly debated one in the essential oil community as you may or may not know. When I was a member of Young Living, ingesting essential oils was highly promoted. After doing my own research I discovered that ingesting essential oils can be dangerous and there have been many people who have had very bad reactions. I personally have ingested essential oils and still continue to do so but I think that is a decision each individual person needs to make on their own. There just has not been enough medical research done in regards to ingesting essential oils to conclusively say one way or the other.

          Now as far as whether or not Florihana essential oils are safe to ingest, the answer is a little complicated. Florihana does not label their oils safe for consumption the way DoTerra and Young Living does but that is a whole other discussion as to whether DoTerra and Young Living should be labeling there oils that way knowing the lack of research that is available in regards to ingesting essential oils.

          If someone has come to the conclusion that ingesting essential oils is safe then I would tell them to be absolutely certain that the essential oil does not have any known adverse effects from ingesting (some essential oils should never ever be ingested) and the oil is completely unadulterated and 100% pure, which Florihana essential oils are. I personally ingest Florihana essential oils. Based off of my research they are the same quality as DoTerra and Young Living if not higher quality. And Florihana provides GC/MS testing reports to their customers to prove the quality of their oils which Young Living does not.

          I’m sorry the answer is not as simple as yes or no. But I hope that kinda answers your question. I will have to write an entire post soon in regards to ingesting essential oils because I still have a lot more to say. But this comment is getting way too long…

    • Reply
      October 4, 2019 at 11:15 am

      Hi Bee. I’m sorry, I somehow missed your comment. I just replied to Ellen who had the same question as you. You can read my reply above. I hope you will find my response helpful!

  • Reply
    [email protected] Inconvenient Family
    February 7, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    I had not heard of them before this! Just a note you should check out Jade Bloom also!

    • Reply
      February 13, 2020 at 8:42 pm

      I’ve never heard of Jade Bloom. I’ll definitely be checking them out. Thanks!

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