Far & Wild Essential Oils Review

Want to learn more about Far & Wild essential oils? Check out this full Far & Wild essential oils review. This review will help you discover everything there is to know about Far & Wild and whether or not their essential oils are worth purchasing.

Far & Wild Essential Oils Review

So it has been quite a while since I have done an essential oil company review. I get asked by readers almost every day to review different essential oil companies but rarely do any of these brands spark my interest.

I can usually tell pretty quickly after reviewing their company websites that they are not a brand I would want to spend my hard-earned money on.

But recently I was asked about Far & Wild essential oils and after checking out their company website I really wanted to give them a try.

I bought a few of their oils with my own money (this post is not sponsored) and I’ve been using them for a few months now.

So I thought I would do a full Far & Wild essential oils review and share everything I’ve learned about the company and its essential oils.

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I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before using essential oils on children under 5 or while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please do not ask me for medical advice. Click here to read my full disclaimer.

But before I do I wanted to first share a little bit about myself and my history with essential oils.

I started dabbling in essential oils way back in 2007. I mainly used them for cleaning and diffusing.

My essential oil usage increased significantly in 2018 after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Essential oils helped me to eliminate many of the toxic products I was using in my home and on my body that I believed contributed to my illness.

There have actually been many studies done confirming the connection between toxic chemicals and autoimmune diseases. I’ve listed a few below if you would like to check them out.

I used essential oils to make homemade cleaners, DIY bath and body products, and so much more.

You can read my full story – My Hashimoto’s Story: Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Healing Journey – to learn all the different ways I was able to feel better and get my life back.

Essential oils have been helpful but they are far from the only thing that has helped me.

When I first got really into essential oils I only used Young Living essential oils. But after purchasing a fixer-upper and dealing with all the different struggles that come with being a new homeowner I realized I couldn’t afford to keep buying essential oils.

At least not from Young Living. Young Living essential oils are significantly more expensive than most other essential oil brands.

Rather than just walk away from essential oils altogether, I decided I was going to go on a mission to find high-quality, affordable essential oils.

After an extensive amount of research into essential oils and the essential oil industry, I came up with a method of vetting essential oil companies to determine whether or not their essential oils are safe and effective.

This method has led me to discover many amazing essential oil brands that sell high-quality oils at affordable prices which meant I was able to continue using essential oils without going broke!

You can learn more about the method below.

Choosing an Essential Oil Brand

There are seven very important factors to consider before choosing an essential oil brand or purchasing essential oils.

  1. Where do the plants come from that are used to make the oil?
  2. Are the plants organic or wildcrafted?
  3. What extraction method does the essential oil company use?
  4. Are the oils completely unadulterated?
  5. Does the essential oil company provide GC/MS testing reports?
  6. Does the essential oil company practice proper bottling and labeling of their essential oils?
  7. Are the oils priced fairly?

I have a post all about how to choose an essential oil brand that breaks down each factor above in much more detail.

You can check it out here.

So we are going to see if Far & Wild essential oils meet all the criteria above. But before we do I would like to share a little bit about the company.

Far & Wild Essential Oils

Far & Wild is a very new essential oil company. I believe they launched in 2020. They are a small, self-funded company.

Far & Wild set out to bring natural, trustworthy products into the home without the dubious claims and expensive pricing of the popular MLM brands.

I believe the company is based out of Utah. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a whole lot else about the company.

Far & Wild Review

Well, now that we have gotten all of that out of the way let’s get into the good stuff. Are Far & Wild essential oils any good? Let’s find out!

Where Do Far & Wild Essential Oils Come From?

All Far & Wild essential oils are bottled in the United States but the oils themselves are sourced from all around the world.

The plants that are used to produce the oils are sustainably harvested both domestically and internationally and brought to the United States for quality testing before bottling.

They have many Instagram posts that go into detail regarding where each individual oil is sourced as well.

Are Far & Wild Oils Organic?

Far & Wild does not sell certified organic essential oils. Instead, the plants that are used to produce the oils are sustainably harvested from farms and fields that are free of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

They only source their oils from carefully vetted farms and fields all over the world that commit to (and sign documentation) not using pesticides/chemicals as part of their growing and distillation process.

Third-party GC/MS testing is used to prove this. You can learn more about that below.

What Extraction Method Does Far & Wild Use?

Far & Wild essential oils are extracted using steam distillation and are the first distillation except for citrus essential oils. Citrus essential oils are cold pressed which is standard in the essential oil industry.

Are Far & Wild Oils Pure?

Far & Wild essential oils are free from any additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions. They are 100% pure.

Does Far & Wild Provide GC/MS Testing Reports?

Each lot of Far & Wild essential oils is GC/MS tested by an independent third-party lab. They claim on their FAQ page to “provide results of these single oil tests with each purchase” but I couldn’t figure out how to locate the test results.

I reached out to them via email and they provided me with the reports for all the oils that I had purchased from them.

So at this time, the results are not available to view on their website as far as I can tell but you can reach out to them through email and they will kindly send you the test results.

Does Far & Wild Use Proper Bottling And Labeling Techniques?

Far & Wild does practice proper bottling and labeling techniques. All of their oils are bottled in amber glass bottles. You’ll find the Latin botanical name as well as safety information on the label.

Are Far & Wild Oils Priced Fairly?

To me priced fairly means not outrageously marked up. Obviously, every business needs to make a profit. But some essential oil companies have insane markups to cover their overhead expenses.

This is why MLM essential oils are so much more expensive than direct-to-consumer essential oil brands. Approximately 60% of MLM product prices are allocated to paying their network of MLM advocates.

To determine whether or not an essential oil is priced fairly I like to compare the prices of several oils among several trusted, affordable essential oil companies.

What I found after comparing Far & Wild’s prices for tea tree, frankincense, and peppermint essential oil with Simply Earth, Rocky Mountain, Plant Therapy, and Young Living is that they are priced fairly.

They are significantly cheaper compared to Young Living. Young Living sells a 15ml bottle of Tea tree for $39.47 or $30 if you place a loyalty order. Far & Wild sells the same size bottle for $20.95.

Far & Wild’s prices were a little bit more expensive compared to Simply Earth and Plant Therapy.

And they were pretty much equal to Rocky Mountain essential oils.

Just like Rocky Mountain though they have a ton of percentage off sales throughout the year. So if you use a coupon code you can score a really great deal.

You can use the code CANDICE20 for 20% off your purchase!

Is Far & Wild an MLM?

Far & Wild is not an MLM essential oil company. They are a direct-to-consumer business which in my opinion is a great thing.

It means there are no middlemen, no monthly or yearly fees, or monthly minimums. And the best part – overall cheaper prices!

More About Far & Wild

That covers everything we need to know about their oils. Below you can learn a little bit more about the company in regard to its shipping policy, return policy, and company website!

Return Policy

Far & Wild offers free returns for orders shipped in the US and Canada. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee policy.

If you are not happy with your purchase you can send it back for free and get a full refund with no questions asked.


Far & Wild offers free shipping within the United States on all orders that exceed $35. 


Their company website is well-designed and super easy to navigate.

I wanted to also mention how beautiful their website and products are. Although, I would never recommend a brand or not recommend a brand based on the look of its website and products I can definitely appreciate all the thought and effort that goes into creating an aesthetically pleasing brand.

I think this is an area where a lot of non-MLM essential oil brands fall short and where the popular MLM brands get it right.

As I mentioned above, for me I could care less. I am more concerned with the actual product rather than the packaging.

But there are a lot of people moving away from MLM essential oil brands and they are used to aesthetically pleasing products. I personally believe that may be an important deciding factor for them when choosing another essential oil brand.

So with that being said, I can see Far & Wild essential oils growing in popularity over the coming years. Not only are their oils high quality and affordable but they are very pleasing to the eye as well.

Overall, I think they are a great brand and I would definitely recommend checking them out!

You can click here to shop! And remember to use the code CANDICE20 for 20% off your purchase.

I hope you found this Far & Wild essential oils review helpful.

If you have any questions about the company or its oils please let me know in the comment section below!

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