The Best Essential Oils For Sleep

Sleep doesn’t always come easy to everyone. I’ve struggled with my sleep since I was 12. I had started to believe it was something I would deal with for the rest of my life. But over the past year, my sleep has improved tremendously and essential oils are a big part of the reason why.

Don’t get me wrong. Essential oils aren’t going to make all your sleep problems disappear. But when used in conjunction with other sleep tips and remedies which you can read about here, they can truly help you get the rest you need.


What are Essential Oils?

I used to be a major essential oil skeptic. And that was mainly due to ignorance. I had no idea what essential oils were and how they worked.

Essential oils are the vital fluids of a plant, shrub, root, herb, flower, seed or tree. They are a highly concentrated form of the natural oils in a plant. The oil inside of a plant operates as the plants immune system. They help protect the plant against predators and disease and they also aid in plant pollination. The oil is essential to the life and health of the plant. Think of essential oils as the life blood of the plant.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how they work I encourage you to read this post.


The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

There are sooo many different kinds of essential oils. It can be overwhelming sometimes trying to figure out which essential oil does what. Most essential oils can be used for a variety of the things. But from my research and personal experience the best essential oils for sleep are listed below.


Valerian essential oil is made from the root of the Valerian plant. Valerian essential oil promotes feelings of relaxation which is why it’s excellent for sleep support. It also has many other benefits such as helping to ease anxiety and lower blood pressure.


Lavender essential oil is made from the lavender plant. It is one of the most versatile essential oils but it’s most well known for its relaxing and calming effects on the body. It’s also great for making homemade cleaning and beauty products.


Cedarwood essential oil is made from the wood of the cedar tree. It is one of the most cost effective essential oils for sleep you can buy. Not only is it amazing for sleep support but it is also great for your skin and hair.

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile essential oil is made from the flowers of Roman chamomile plants. It’s a very calming and relaxing oil which makes it perfect to use at bedtime. It is highly versatile and I encourage you to do your research to discover all the other amazing benefits!



Vetiver essential oil has a very earthy fragrance. It is made from the root of the vetiver plant. Vetiver essential oil is very grounding and calming. It can help with stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Vetiver oil is also a great natural bug repellent!

Best Essential Oil Blends For Sleep

I love Eden’s Garden Good Night synergy blend. It contains lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, bergamot, and five other oils. You can check it out here.

Another one of my favorite sleep blends is from Simply Earth. It’s called Sleepy. It contains lavender, grapefruit, howood, & bergamot essential oils. It works great. Click here to check it out!

How to use essential oils for sleep

Essential oils can be used in several ways. When it comes to sleep support I like to use essential oils aromatically and topically.

I’ll usually add a few drops of one or two of the essential oils mentioned above to my bedside diffuser. And I also like to dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and rub on my feet and chest area.

Where should I buy Essential oils?

As essential oils have become increasingly popular over the years they’ve also become much easier to obtain. But do not be deceived. Not all oils are created equal. Many oils being sold today are synthetic. Your body processes synthetic oils as a toxin which does not help your body but actually works against it. So please do your research before purchasing essential oils.

I’ve tried many different essential oils and I’m not really loyal to just one company. After careful research I’ve discovered there are actually quite a few companies that sell high quality essential oils.

A few of my favorites are Eden’s Garden and Plant Therapy. And I really love Florihana essential oils. Florihana does not create blends but they’re my favorite company to purchase single oils from.

Florihana Essential Oils

Florihana owns and operates their own distillery in France. They do GCMS batch testing and provide all the technical data and certificates for each oil on their product pages. That’s pretty awesome. So you don’t have to wonder if your oil is pure. All the info is completely available to you.

You can read my full Florihana essential oils review here and discover why I love them so much!

Florihana essential oils can be purchased at HealthyTraditions.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope it helps you get the rest you need. If you are needing a little extra sleep support please check out this post for my top 10 sleep tips!

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  1. Lavender and roman chamomile are my MUST haves for nighttime. Not only do they smell so wonderful, but they really do make a difference. I’ve heard a lot about valerian lately, so I think it’s finally time I give it a try for myself!

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