Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

Are Edens Garden oils good quality? Is Edens Garden a good brand? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this in-depth Edens Garden essential oils review.

Edens Garden essential oils lying next to essential oil diffuser.

Edens Garden Essential Oil Review

Edens Garden essential oils have really grown in popularity over the last few years. You can buy them on Amazon and they’re extremely affordable. Especially compared to the MLM essential oil companies.

But are Edens Garden essential oils any good? Keep reading this Edens Garden essential oils review to find out!

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I first tried Edens Garden essential oils a few years ago. I purchased their anxiety ease blend and their good night blend from Amazon and I absolutely loved (and still love) both.

But after writing an in-depth review of Florihana essential oils, it got me wondering how much I really know about Edens Garden as a company.

Are Edens Garden oils good quality? Who owns Edens Garden? Is Edens Garden a good brand?

I wrote a post a few days ago about 7 things you need to know when choosing an essential oil brand. The post highlights, what I believe, are the most important questions you need to ask before purchasing essential oils.


So I thought I would examine Edens Garden essential oils and see how they do in response to these 7 questions in this Edens Garden essential oils review. But first a little history about the company.

History of Edens Garden Essential Oils

Edens Garden was founded in the early 2000s by the company CEO Grace Martin. She was inspired to create an essential oil company that valued people over profit. You can read more about Grace here.

Edens Garden headquarters are located in San Clemente, Ca. For the third year in a row, they have been voted as the #1 Non-MLM company in Essential Oil University’s annual poll.

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Who Owns Edens Garden?

Sometimes when smaller companies grow and become successful they end up selling their business to larger corporations. So a lot of people often ask and I also wondered, who owns Edens Garden essential oils?

Grace Martin, the founder of Edens Garden, is still currently the owner and the company CEO. She continues to run the company along with her amazing team.

Okay, now on to the Edens Garden essential oils review!

Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

Where are the Plants Grown to Make Their Oils?

Edens Garden does not own any of its own farms. But they do claim their oils come from plants that are grown in their indigenous locations.

And in my opinion, this is better than huge plantations where herbs and plants are cultivated in a mono-crop, mass-production, farming operation.

Edens Garden has direct buying relationships with trusted suppliers which are located all over the world. Their buyers visit these facilities often to ensure high quality and high standards are being met.

Are the Plants Used to Make Their Oils Organic or Wildcrafted?

The Edens Garden website states “As far as possible, we source all our products from organic growers and distillers”.

They claim to not use any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, harmful chemicals, or fertilizers during any stage of the growing or distillation process.

Edens Garden essential oils lying on counter.

Do They Use Proper Extraction Methods?

The extraction method is very important. The extraction method can either preserve or destroy the plant’s molecular structure.

Edens Garden does not operate its own distillery and unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information in regards to their extraction method.

So I reached out to them for an answer and they said they list each method of extraction on every single oil product page under “details”.

I looked through the “details” section of several of their oils and was pleased to discover most were extracted via steam distillation or cold-pressed.

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Are Edens Garden Oils Pure?

Edens Garden does not add any bases, carriers, paraffin, or additives to any of its oils.

As I mentioned earlier, they do not use any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, harmful chemicals, or fertilizers during any stage of the growing or distillation process.

They guarantee that all USDA food/product safety guidelines are followed by their suppliers.

So to answer the question – are Edens Garden essential oils pure? Yes, they are 100% pure.

Do They Provide GC/MS Testing Reports?

Edens Garden does third-party GC/MS batch testing. GC/MS testing helps ensure extract purity and composition potency by ensuring major constituents are within generally accepted guidelines.

Edens Garden claims that if a certain batch does not meet these standards they are never used. The test results are available on each product page.

Click here to learn more about GC/MS testing.

Does Edens Garden Bottle and Label its Oils Properly?

Brown Edens Garden essential oil bottles with pink and green labels.

Edens Garden uses dark, amber, glass bottles which prevent the oil from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

The label includes the Latin botanical name of the oil and also safety information. So I would definitely say they use proper bottling and labeling.

Are Their Essential Oils Priced Fairly?

This one gets a big, fat YES! Their prices are amazing! I would definitely say they’re fair.

You can check them out on Amazon. And I’ll be creating an essential oil price comparison chart soon!

But for now, let’s just compare prices for grapefruit essential oil. A 10ml bottle from Eden’s Garden is $9.95. A 15ml bottle from Young Living is $25.66 and a 15ml bottle from Doterra is $26.67.

I know the Edens Garden bottles are smaller but there is a significant price difference when you compare the price per milliliter.

Are Edens Garden Oils Good Quality?

Based on my research and also my experience with Edens Garden essential oils, I believe Edens Garden oils are of very good quality.

The plants used to make the oils are of the highest quality. The oils are labeled, bottled, and extracted properly.

Once again Edens Garden does not use any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, harmful chemicals, or fertilizers during any stage of the growing or distillation process.

They also provide GC/MS reports to prove the purity of their essential oils.

Is Edens Garden an MLM?

Edens Garden is not an MLM company. They sell directly to consumers through online sales. They purposely wanted to avoid the MLM structure.

You can click here to read more about MLMs.

Why are Edens Garden Oils so Cheap?

Some people might be a little skeptical of Edens Garden essential oils because of their prices. Many people wonder how or why Edens Garden oils are so cheap.

And the reason Edens Garden oils are so cheap is that they are not an MLM company and there is no middleman.

It’s very common for MLM companies to have huge overhead costs and huge margins. MLM companies often lavish their top sellers with outrageous commissions, vacations, cruises, and prizes. Plus, they also have to pay for their office buildings.

Unfortunately, MLM companies often inflate the price of their products so that they can afford to pay for all of this.

With Edens Garden, there are absolutely zero middlemen and they sell their essential oils for a very modest profit.

Can Edens Garden Oils be Taken Internally?

Edens Garden does not recommend ingesting their essential oils or any essential oils for that matter.

And not because their oils are bad but because they are not licensed aromatherapists nor are they doctors.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about ingesting essential oils. Some say it has many different health benefits and some say it is very dangerous.

I think the essential oil companies that don’t promote ingesting essential oils are very smart. Because if they did promote it they could be sued if someone has a bad reaction to ingesting their oils.

And I think that the brands that do promote it, do it in somewhat of a reckless manner and that is one of the reasons I stopped using a certain brand a few years ago.

Is Edens Garden Therapeutic Grade?

Therapeutic grade is a term used often by MLM essential oil companies. But since there is no organization that oversees the quality of essential oils, ‘therapeutic grade’ is basically just a marketing term.

Essentially, any company can claim their essential oils are therapeutic grade.

Therefore, “therapeutic grade” is not a term you should look for or worry about when looking for an essential oil company.

Instead, look for GC/MS testing reports to ensure the highest quality of the oils.

Edens Garden vs DoTerra

The number one difference between Edens Garden and Doterra is that DoTerra is an MLM company and Edens Garden is not.

Edens Garden essential oils are significantly more affordable than DoTerra.

For example, a bottle of geranium (pelargonium graveolens) will cost you around $1.10 per milliliter from Edens Garden and it will cost you around $3.38 per milliliter when you buy from Doterra.

Also, as far as I can tell DoTerra does not provide its customers with third-party GC/MS testing reports and Edens Garden does.

Edens Garden vs Young Living

Like DoTerra, Young Living is an MLM essential oil company. Their essential oils are significantly more expensive than Edens Garden essential oils.

For example, a bottle of cilantro essential oil (coriandrum sativum) will cost you around $1.99 per milliliter from Edens Garden and it will cost you around $4.07 per milliliter when you purchase from Young Living.

You’ll save on average around 50% shopping with Edens Garden rather than Young Living or DoTerra.

Young Living does not provide its customers with third-party GC/MS testing reports and Edens Garden does.

Edens Garden vs Plant Therapy

Edens Garden and Plant Therapy are extremely similar. Both are non-mlm essential oil companies. Both are high quality and extremely affordable. Both also provide third-party GC/MS testing reports.

You can check out my full Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review to learn more about Plant Therapy.

I honestly cannot think of any glaring differences between these two essential oil companies. I love both of these brands and use oils from both of these brands on a regular basis.

Is Edens Garden a Good Brand?

I think Edens Garden is a great brand. They are family-owned and women-operated. They are a company with integrity and trustworthiness.

Their essential oils are always ethically sourced and sustainably made. Edens Garden synergy blends are formulated by world-renowned chemists and perfumists.

The company also donates a percentage of its profits to a variety of organizations that are building a better tomorrow like Angel House, Feeding America, YWAM, and more.

You can learn more about that here.

They do not and will not test their products or ingredients on animals. Edens Garden cares about the quality of its products and its reputation.

The goal of the company is to make natural wellness affordable and accessible and I think they are doing a great job!

Where to buy Edens Garden Essential Oils

Edens Garden essential oils can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the Edens Garden website. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

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Aroma Notes Program

I prefer to buy directly from their website because they have a better selection of products, shipping is free, and they have a rewards program called Aroma Notes.

The program is free to join and you can earn 1 Note for every $1 you spend with Edens Garden. The notes can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

200 notes will get you $5 off your purchase. 500 notes will get you $15 off your purchase. 750 notes will get you $25 off your purchase and 1400 notes will get you $50 off your purchase.

You can join the program here.

Edens Garden Products

Edens Garden doesn’t just sell essential oils. They also sell all-natural deodorant, soap, room sprays, and more! Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the quality of these products at this time because I haven’t tried any yet. But I plan to soon so I’ll update the post when I do.

They have really beautiful diffusers that you can check out here. I love this ceramic bloom diffuser.

Eden's Garden Review

Best Edens Garden Oils

Edens Garden has over 250 single oils and synergy blends. Synergy blends combine specific essential oils to achieve a desired therapeutic purpose or aroma. The word “synergy” means working together. 

One of my favorite things about Edens Garden is its synergy blends. Some of my favorites are Good Night, Fighting Five, Diffuse the Anxiety, and Joy.

They also have amazing sets that are perfect for essential oil beginners or anyone who wants to expand their oil collection.

This set contains over 24 of their best essential oils and their holiday blend sampler set is one of my favorites!

You can click here to check out all of their essential oil sets.

What is Edens Garden Equivalent to Thieves?

Edens Garden equivalent to Thieves is their Fighting Five Blend. This synergy blend contains the most powerful essential oils of all time – lemon, cinnamon leaf, Moroccan rosemary, clove bud, eucalyptus globulus, and eucalyptus radiata.

Like Thieves, Fighting Five can be used daily to boost your immune system and protect your health!

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What is Edens Garden Equivalent to Peace and Calming?

If you love Peace and Calming from Young Living then you’ll love Stress Relief from Edens Garden.

It is made with sweet orange, bergamot, patchouli, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang essential oils. It can help decrease anxiety, depression, and stress. 

You can click here for more Young Living and DoTerra dupes.

Final Thoughts about Edens Garden Essential Oils

Overall, I believe Edens Garden is a great company to buy essential oils from. They’re affordable. They’re easy to obtain. They do third-party batch testing and provide test results on their product pages.

I love their oils and I’ll definitely continue to use them.

As with every essential oil company, Eden’s Garden isn’t perfect but I 100% believe they can be trusted. If you’re searching for the perfect essential oil company you’re never going to find it.

All you have to do is a little research on the internet to discover some of the top (and also super expensive) essential oil companies that claim to have the purest oils, have had their oils tested by consumers, and the results, unfortunately, say otherwise.

So do your homework. Be open-minded. Try oils from different companies until you find the ones you really like and that work for you.

If you’re interested in trying Edens Garden essential oils you can buy them here or here. And if you have any questions or comments about this Edens Garden essential oils review please leave them below. I’d love to hear from you!

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