5 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Ready to take action and live your best life? Check out these 5 healthy habits that you need to start today that will truly change your life!

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5 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

With the New Year fast approaching, I began to think about all the people making their New Years’ resolutions and goals for the coming year. So I wanted to share with you 5 healthy habits that will change your life so you can add them to your list of resolutions.

But before I begin, I just wanted to share a little bit about my story and why I believe health-related resolutions or goals are the most important kind that you can make.

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My Story

I spent years being sick and tired……literally. I spent over 10 years living with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease that stole so many years away from me that I can never get back.

You can read more about my story here.

Over those years it felt as though my life was passing by and I was too sick and tired to actually live it and enjoy it.

Fast forward almost 2 years since my diagnosis and I finally have my life back. I sleep better, my energy has improved, I can think and focus, my mood has stabilized.

This has happened without absolutely any medication. And I attribute the improvement to the 5 healthy habits below.

Why Health Goals Are So Important

I believe health-related goals are the most important kind of goals for two reasons.

1 | If you have other goals in life such as making more money, going on more vacations, spending more time with family – whatever it is – those goals will be harder to achieve if you are not healthy. You won’t have as much energy to put into achieving those goals. You’ll be tired, grumpy, and unable to focus.

When you are putting your health first you will have more energy, motivation, and focus to put towards the other goals you desire to achieve.

2 | Even if you do happen to achieve the other goals you may have – if you’re unhealthy you might find you are unable to actually enjoy your achievements. Health and happiness go hand in hand. We’ve all heard the saying money can’t back happiness, well it can’t buy health either.

Not only does prioritizing your health improve your physical health, but it also improves your mental health. Start implementing the healthy habits below and you’ll have more energy and improved focus so you can easier achieve all the other things you want in life.

5 Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life

1 | Drink More Water

Water is amazing!! And far too many of us don’t drink it enough. Drinking more water can improve your energy levels and help you lose weight. If you want to learn more about the benefits of drinking water read this post.

Whenever I talk to people about taking the necessary steps to truly changing their lives and getting healthy, I always start with drinking more water.

That’s because it’s easy to do – literally, anyone can do it – and it hardly costs anything. This small habit can honestly change your life.

And once you start experiencing the benefits of drinking more water it can really motivate and encourage you to take on more challenging health goals.

If you struggle with drinking the amount of water your body needs, I encourage you to read this post. It’s filled with my top tips and tricks to help you drink more water everyday.

2 | Get More Sleep

We are living in a world where so many people are walking around sleep-deprived. Sleep is at the bottom of our list of priorities. And lack of sleep is taking a huge toll on so many people’s mental and physical health.

If you’re one of those people you need to stop it!

Good quality sleep can boost your immune system, improve your energy, improve your focus, help you lose weight, improve your mood, and soooo much more!!!!

I’m kinda obsessed with sleep. I started dealing with insomnia at age 12. And it has been a constant battle for me. So I’ve written quite extensively on the subject. If you need help in this area I suggest reading the posts below.

3 | Work out More

I know this is probably on many people’s New Year’s resolution list but I still had to include it because this is truly a life changer!

Even if you don’t care about your physique or you don’t need to lose any weight, you still need to work out more!!!

The benefits of regular exercise are mind-blowing and I don’t think they’re talked about enough. When most people talk about exercise it’s mainly related to physical changes of the body.

And working out does so much more than that!

Nothing has improved my physical and mental health the way working out has. You can read all about the mind-blowing benefits of regular exercise here. If you struggle with fatigue, if you struggle with insomnia, if you struggle with depression, you need to create a consistent workout routine.

And guess what? You don’t need to work out for hours everyday. 30-45 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week is all you need. Consistency is key.

And you don’t need a gym membership either.

I work out from home and I love it. I use My Fitness Plan by Jillian Michaels. It’s an at home work program.

With your membership, you’ll get access to an infinite variety of fully interactive, customized daily workouts, or you can choose from one of Jillian’s specifically tailored programs. And they have custom meal plans as well!!!

You can stream the workouts on your phone, iPad, or tv. They have a ton of workouts and programs to choose from. I’m not a huge fan of the gym so this is perfect for me and if you purchase the annual membership it costs a little over $7 a month. Which is cheaper than a gym membership.

You can click here for a free 7 day trial.

4 | Eat Healthier

I know, just like working out this is probably also on everyone and their mother’s resolution list. But that’s because it’s so important.

Changing my diet has played a crucial role in my healing journey. It’s made such a difference that I could never even think about going back to my old eating habits.

Now I do believe eating healthy looks different for each individual person. For me, it means staying away from gluten and sugar and eating lots of veggies. For others, it may look completely different.

Eat the foods that give you energy and make you feel great. You may need to keep a food diary for 30 days or so to figure out what those foods are.

If you’re truly ready to transform your life and take your health to a whole other level I highly recommend trying the Whole30.

The Whole30 is a clean eating, diet plan that is designed to help you break bad eating habits and figure out which foods you should permanently eliminate from your diet.

There are quite a few books on Amazon related to the Whole 30. If you’re unfamiliar with it, I recommend you get the Whole30 30 day guide. It’s perfect for beginners.

I also highly recommend the book It Starts With Food, which is written by the creators of the Whole30. It literally changed my life!

Aside from the Whole30, I also recommend a Thrive Market membership if you really want to get healthy in the new year.

Thrive Market is an online grocery store that sells natural and organic foods. I love Thrive Market because they have so many more healthy options than my local grocery store.

Click here for 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial membership!

You can read my full Thrive Market review here and learn all about them.

I find it so much easier to stick to my eating plan when I have more options to choose from.

5 | Start using Essential Oils

To be 100% honest, I never thought I would be as obsessed with essential oils as I am today. Never, ever, ever! But here I am.

And I totally get people’s skepticism when it comes to essential oils because there are so many misconceptions out there.

But just hear me out.

We are being bombarded with toxic chemicals every single day! From our food to our water to our cleaning products to our beauty products – they’re everywhere.

And many people walk around clueless to the harm these toxic chemicals are causing. So many people have chronic health issues or ailments that are being triggered by the things they are deliberately putting on or in their bodies.

That’s where essential oils come in. You can throw out your toxic, store-bought products and replace them with DIY versions made with essential oils.

I didn’t fully realize the impact that many of the products I was using was having on my health until I began switching them out for DIY versions.

I had less headaches, respiratory problems, skin issues, etc.

Essential oils are definitely not a cure-all. They’re not going to miraculously cure every health issue you have. But with essential oils, you’ll be able to throw out the toxic, harmful products in your home that are making you sick and replace them with natural, healing, life-giving homemade versions.

And I promise, you won’t miss those nasty old products one bit.

If you’re ready to make the switch, I have tons of resources on the blog.

I would suggest reading the posts below first.

And then once you’ve read those posts and hopefully invested in some high-quality essential oils (I highly recommend Florihana essential oils if you haven’t figured that out yet….lol) you can start learning more about essential oils and making your own essential oil DIYs.

Final Thoughts

Like I said earlier, I spent years feeling terrible. Constant headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety. But the worst part of all is I thought that was normal. I hadn’t felt good in so long that I forgot what feeling good felt like.

Once I started implementing the healthy habits above, everything changed.

Not overnight but overtime.

And once I started to improve and feel better, it inspired and motivated me to keep going.

I know the habits on this list might seem obvious but that’s because these are tried and true methods for experiencing true health and wellness.

There is no secret or magic pill that is going to change you life. This is it.

Start the New Year off right by ditching your bad habits for good ones that are truly life-changing.

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