10 DIY Gifts Made With Essential Oils

Looking for the perfect homemade gift? Check out these DIY gifts made with essential oils. These gifts are super easy to make and they are all 100% natural too!

Collage photo of different diy gifts made with essential oils.

The holidays are just about here! If you’re looking for some homemade gift inspiration you’ve come to the right place.

Below you’ll find a list of some amazing homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are so much fun. And these gifts are all super easy to make and hardly cost a thing.

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Plus, these gifts are all natural and toxin-free!

And I’ve also created for you printable gift tags that will work perfectly with so many of the gifts below.

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Homemade Essential Oil Gifts

Like I mentioned earlier, all the gifts on this list are all-natural and you’ll only need a few ingredients to make most of them. So let’s get started!

1 | DIY Body Spray

These DIY body sprays with essential oils smell sooo good. The recipe includes three different scents – earthy, citrus, and floral.

DIY body spray lying in a wooden box next to essential oils.

You can just make one or make them all. These would look really cute in a cardboard gift box like this one.

Just fill the box with some crinkle-cut shredded paper filler, place in the body sprays, close the lid, wrap the box with a bow, add your gift tag, and you’re done!

And if you’re interested in making labels like the ones shown in the photo, this is the label maker I used.

2 | Homemade Christmas Scented Hand Soap

These diy hand soaps for the holidays are one of my favorite homemade gifts for Christmas. I used to love the Christmas-scented hand soaps from Bath & Body Works until I discovered they were filled with a lot of junk.

Now I just make my own. And they smell soooo good.

You can choose from three scents – candy cane, Christmas cookie, and Christmas tree.

You can use the printable gift tags above or you can print out the tags that are shown in the photo if you prefer to use those instead.

When you visit the post to get the recipe you’ll find a form that you can fill out to receive the labels for free.

If you would prefer to gift homemade hand soap that isn’t Christmas scented you can check out my homemade foaming hand soaps for fall which also has three different scent combinations – pumpkin spice, apple pie, or autumn breeze.

3 | Homemade Poo Pourri Spray 

This is the perfect gift for any occasion. This homemade poo pourri spray helps eliminate and prevent bathroom odors. Every bathroom needs this spray!

Homemade poo-pourri spray sitting on bathroom shelf.

The scent is fully customizable. I share several essential oil combinations in the post.

The poo-pourri label is available in the post as well. Just sign up for my email list and I’ll send you the printable label for free.

4 | Roll-On Perfume

These homemade roll-on perfumes are super simple to make. Just add your essential oils, dried flowers, and coconut oil and you’re done.

DIY roll on perfume bottles sitting on wood.

The dried flowers are optional but in my opinion, they make these perfume rollers look really beautiful.

I think it would be really nice if these perfume rollers were gifted inside a gorgeous essential oil bag like this one.

5 | Holiday Room Sprays

I love these holiday room sprays. You can choose from 9 different scents. Or better yet make them all!

DIY holiday room sprays sitting on wooden cutting board next to gift bag.

I recommend gifting these in sets of 3, 6, or 9. When you visit the post for the recipe you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for my email list and receive the super cute labels shown in the photo.

If you’re looking for room sprays that aren’t Christmas scented, you can check out my fall room sprays instead!

6 | Homemade Bath Oil

Homemade bath oil is the perfect gift for someone who likes to destress and relax in a nice hot bath.

The recipe is customizable. You can choose to make bath oil for relaxation, bath oil for sore muscles, bath oil for dry skin, bath oil for itchy skin, or bath oil for menstrual cramps.

7 | Heart Shaped Bath Bombs

Who wouldn’t love to get these gorgeous heart-shaped bath bombs as a gift? Not only are they gorgeous but they also work really well.

Heart shaped bath bombs sitting in red heart shaped silicone mold.

These bath bombs would be a great addition to a gift basket or even just given by themselves. They would be really cute placed in these cellophane bags, tied with a bow, and with a printable gift tag attached.

They would make a really cute small gift for a teacher or friend!

8 | Homemade Bubble Bath

This bubble bath is a super easy homemade gift. Just like so many other gifts on this list the scent is fully customizable.

You can choose from Christmas scents like candy cane and Christmas cookie or you can make something simple like a lavender lemon bubble bath.

All the different scent options are available in the post. And you’ll also get the opportunity to sign up to receive the tags in the photo when you check out the post.

9 | Essential Oil Roller Blends

I love essential oil roller blends. They make using essential oils so easy and convenient. And they also make a great homemade gift.

Especially when you apply super cute roller labels. It makes them extra special and thoughtful!

Roller blends for teachers laid out on wooden cutting board next to yellow floral essential oil bag.

The roller blends above make a perfect DIY gift for teachers. You can get the recipes here.

Essential oil roller blends in wooden box next to fake plant.

Here are recipes for must-have roller blends that are perfect for anyone who loves essential oils. You can also download different roller labels from the Resource Library that would go perfectly with any of these recipes.

When you join my email list you’ll get full access to the Resource Library where you can download free printable essential oil labels. I have several collections to choose from including the labels in the photo below.

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Essential oil roller blends for moms sitting next to wooden box and fake plant.

I also have roller blend recipes that are perfect for moms. You can check them out here.

These roller blends look great gifted in a cute essential oil bag like this one.

10 | Body Wash

DIY body wash is super easy to make and it makes a really nice homemade gift.

This recipe is for Christmas Cookie body wash but the recipe can be adjusted to create any scent you want.

Well, I hope you find the DIY gift you were looking for. And don’t forget to take advantage of some of the free printables I have created for you.

If you would like to download more than one printable that I have mentioned above I recommend signing up for my resource library where you’ll get unlimited, free access to every printable I’ve ever made.

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