Best Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the essential oil lover in your life? Check out this list of the best gifts for essential oil lovers. From diffusers to books, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift!

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What to Get a Person Who Loves Essential Oils?

Struggling to find that perfect gift for the essential lover in your life? Look no further. I’ve scoured the internet for the best gifts for essential oil lovers. And as an essential oil lover myself, I think I’ve done a pretty good job!

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Best Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Diffuser necklaces are awesome. They enable you to diffuse your oils everywhere you go. All you have to do is add a few drops of essential oil to the necklace and you can inhale the diffused scent all day long!

Buy it here

I love this diffuser necklace! You can choose from a leather piece or a terracotta piece to put inside your locket to absorb the essential oils.

It hangs from a stainless steel rolo chain. You can also have it personalized with a name! You can click here to learn more.

Buy it here

I really love this diffuser necklace as well! This simple necklace is lightweight and versatile and perfect for layering.

All you have to do is place a drop of essential oil directly onto the stone and it will naturally diffuse the oils. You can choose between a white or black lava bead and a gold, silver, or rose gold chain. Learn more about it here!

The owner of the shop was kind enough to send over an exclusive coupon code for 25% off this gorgeous necklace and anything else in her Etsy shop. Use the code HAPPY25 for 25% off your entire purchase!!

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Essential Oil Bag

Many essential oil lovers like to take oils with them wherever they go. An essential oil bag is a convenient way to carry your oils around with you. And also much safer than rolling around at the bottom of your purse.

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I own this bag and I love it. I carry my oils in it everywhere I go. It includes a padded insert to hold 4 roller bottles.

The bag and insert are both lined with a thin fleece to protect your precious oils. It measures approximately 7″ x 5.5″. Click here to check it out!

Buy it here

I’m a sucker for floral patterns! This essential oil bag is definitely going on my Christmas list! Check it out here.

Buy it here

Here is another gorgeous, floral pattern, essential oil bag. It has pockets to hold either six 15ml bottles or ten 5ml bottles. You can check it out here.

Gift Card

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. A gift card to an essential oil online shop like Plant Therapy is the perfect gift for any and every essential oil lover.

Buy it here

Gift cards are great because they do not expire and they can be used to purchase anything on the company website.

Essential Oil Books

There is so much to learn about essential oils. Essential oil books are a great way to become more educated about the amazing benefits and uses of essential oils.

There are many books about essential oils. A few of my favorites are shown below.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood contains over 800 natural, non-toxic, and fragrant recipes to create health, beauty, and safe home and work environments.

I personally own and love this book!

The Oil + Glass Recipe book would also make an amazing gift. I personally own and love this one as well! It’s a beautiful book with gorgeous photos inside. 

It also contains tried and tested essential oil DIY recipes, oil education and safety tips, dilution ratios, step-by-step directions, and suggested supplies.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils is another great essential oil book. This book is all about the life-changing benefits of essential oils. It contains over 150 recipes and remedies using essential oils.

Cute Coffee Mug

Etsy has so many coffee mugs available for essential oil lovers. It was hard choosing which ones to feature for this gift guide. But the two I liked the best are shown below. I think they would both make wonderful gifts.

Buy it here

This ceramic coffee mug is adorned with a fun essential oil quote, “Sip & Diffuse”. I think it’s so cute. Click here to check it out!

Click here to buy

I have quite the collection of coffee mugs and I think I need to add this one to it. It’s so pretty! Click here to check it out!

Buy it here

I also really love this campfire mug from Plant Therapy!

Essential Oils

Obviously, a gift guide for essential oil lovers wouldn’t be complete without essential oils. A few of my favorite essential oil kits are below. I think they would make perfect gifts!

This kit from Plant Therapy includes 7 single oils and 7 blends. It’s great for those just getting started with essential oils or those just needing to restock their inventory.

In this kit, you will get a 10ml bottle of lavender, tea tree, sweet orange, peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oil.

You’ll also get the following synergy blends – Germ Fighter, Immune Aid, Tranquil, Invigor Aid, Sensual, Relax, and Energy.

These essential oils can help boost your immune system, fight seasonal illness, increase focus and concentration plus so much more!

Check the kit out here!

I love Edens Garden. This is one of my favorite sets from Edens Garden.

This set includes the top-selling oils from Edens Garden. In this set, you’ll get a 10 ml bottle of lavender, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, and sweet orange essential oil.

Check it out here!

Buy it here

Edens Garden also has a really nice roller set. These rollers have already been diluted so you can apply them directly to the skin.

The set includes a 10ml roller bottle of Fighting Five, Peppermint, Shine, Good Night Lavender, and Stress Relief essential oil.

And if you really want to go all out for that special someone in your life, this set will help you do just that.

This set from Plant Therapy includes 32 essential oils. It includes 16 single oils and 16 synergy blends.

With this set you’ll get a bottle of clary sage, bergamot, tea tree, Roman chamomile, cinnamon bark, peppermint, frankincense serrata, pine scots, sweet orange, patchouli, eucalyptus globulus, ylang ylang, lavender, cedarwood atlas, oregano, lemon, Muscle-Aid, Immune-Aid, Tension Relief, Blues Buster, Respir-Aid, Rapid Relief, Citrus Burst, Holiday Season, Self Esteem, Relax, Munchy Stop, Sleep-Aid, Energy, Tranquil, Worry-Free, and Germ Fighter.

The essential oils come in a zippered, hard case as well.

Click here to check it out!

Gifts For Essential Oil Lovers

Essential Oils Storage Shelf

Every essential oil lover needs a place to store their oils. Preferably a pretty place where they can put their oils on display.

Buy it here

I love this boho-rustic essential oil shelf. It can be hung on a wall or set on a surface. Click here to learn more about it!

Buy it here

This shelf is perfect for storing essential oils. There are multiple finishes available as well. You can check them out here.

Buy it here

You can get this essential oil shelf on Amazon. It is made from candlenut and it holds up to 45 essential oil bottles.

Essential Oil Organizer & Journal

An essential oil journal/organizer is a great way to keep records of your inventory, blend recipes, and more.

Buy it here

This journal includes three detailed sections for My Oils, My Blends, and Family & Friends. It also includes a soft, PU leather, 6-ring, A5 notebook binder with pen loop and pockets, 60 data pages & three colorful dividers.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make bath time extra special. These bath bombs from Plant Therapy are handmade with naturally derived ingredients and scented with essential oils.

You can purchase the 12 pack which includes two of the following scented bath bombs: Peach Siesta, Sweet Peace, Candy Calm, Ocean Sunset, Spiced Bliss, and Mint Cream.

Buy it here.

Or you can buy the six-pack which includes just one of the following scented bath bombs: Peach Siesta, Sweet Peace, Candy Calm, Ocean Sunset, Spiced Bliss, and Mint Cream.

Buy it here.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are another great gift for people who love baths and love essential oils. They help make bath time better.

I love these bath salts from Edens Garden.

These bath salts are made with essential oils, Epsom salt, and Celtic sea salt.

Edens Garden has a variety of different types of bath salts. You can choose from the following: detox, relax, inflammation, sleep, and so much more.

Check them all out here!

Essential Oil Perfumes

Essential oil perfumes are a great alternative to toxin-filled perfumes and fragrances. Edens Garden has some amazing essential oil perfumes.

Buy it here

Edens Garden perfumes are free of chemical toxins and synthetic fragrances. I love their rose bergamot perfume. It’s made with rose, bergamot, and patchouli essential oils.

The scent can linger for up to 12 hours.

Essential Oil Storage Box

An essential oil storage box is a must-have for true essential oil lovers. They help keep essential oils organized, protected, and all in one place. I love this one from Plant Therapy.

Buy it here

This essential oil storage box is made of wood and fits up to 25 5-15 ml bottles. It is sanded and smooth and ready to be customized with paint or stain.

Buy it here

You can get this wooden essential oil storage box on Amazon. It can hold up to 52 5-10ml essential oil bottles and 6 10ml roller bottles.

This storage box is super lightweight and compact. You will also receive labels and a rollerball remover with this essential oil storage box.

Buy it here

This essential oil storage box is for the true essential oil lover. It can hold up to 96 bottles of essential oil. It has a simple but beautiful design.

The handle on the top makes it really easy and convenient to carry around. This essential oil storage box also includes round, colored essential oil labels.

Hand Soap

As an essential oil lover myself, I am always making homemade products with essential oils. One of my favorite products to make is hand soap.

But rather than making it as a gift for essential oil lovers, you can buy some on Amazon.

Buy it here

This hand soap from Plant Therapy is made with only clean, all-natural ingredients. It comes in a set of three and there are lots of different scents to choose from.

Some of my favorites are the black pepper magnolia and the sun kissed scents.

They even have a holiday hand soap set. It includes three Christmas scented soaps – candy cane, festive fig, and Christmas tree.

You can buy it here.

Essential Oil Room Spray

Essential oil room sprays are the perfect alternative to toxin-filled air fresheners. Store-bought air fresheners can be highly toxic. Edens Garden has a great line of essential oil room sprays.

They’re formulated using 99% pure essential oils and poured into non-aerosol glass bottles. They come in a variety of different scents.

You can choose from french lavender sage, bee happy, breathe easier, candy cane lane, cedarwood spruce, frankincense lime, chamomile lavender, and so many more.

Check them out here!

Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Essential oil shower steamers make a great gift on their own or in addition to any of the other gifts on this list. They basically release potent aromatherapy essential oils through the steam when added to the bath or shower.

Buy it here

This essential oil shower steamer gift bundle includes calm bedtime shower steamers and energize morning shower steamers. They contain all-natural, organic ingredients.

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

This Crystal Carfresh diffuser from Plant Therapy is perfect for people who love to diffuse essential oils on the go.

Buy it here

You just simply clip it to the car vents on the inside of the car. It only takes 3-6 drops of essential oil to fill the whole care with the wonderful aroma of essential oils.

The car diffuser comes in two different colors – pink or yellow.

Edens Garden also has a car diffuser. It is called Aromaride.

Buy it here

Like the car diffuser from Plant Therapy, Aromaride also clips to the vents located inside the vehicle. The only color it comes in is black.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer. I love this natural lip balm trio from Plant Therapy.

Buy it here

It includes citrus splash, orangesicle, and peppermint bliss natural lip balms. They contain only natural, nourishing ingredients such as meadowfoam carrier oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

Oils of Ancient Scripture Set

The Oils of Ancient Scripture set contains 10 oils from the most significant plants, botanicals, materials, and resins in the Bible.

It includes 5ml bottles of cassia, cedarwood, cistus (rose of sharon), cypress, frankincense, hyssop, myrrh, myrtle, onycha, and sacred sandalwood (aloes).

It is sold exclusively by Young Living. Click here to check it out! 

There are many Bible verses that reference essential oils. You can check out this post – essential oils of the Bible – to learn more about the essential oils mentioned in the scriptures and how they were used.


A doormat is not your typical gift but that’s what makes it so great. Especially when it’s a super cute doormat like the two shown below!

Doormats arent just for wiping your shoes on, they can also be used to make a statement. And these doormats do just that!

Buy it here

This one is almost too pretty to wipe your shoes on. This essential oil-inspired doormat is hand painted and stain, rot, and mildew resistant. You can learn more about it here.

Person standing next to essential oil lover doormat.


Buy it here

Just in case you haven’t told the whole world about your passion for essential oils yet…now your doormat can do it for you! This one does a great job of doing just that. I love it! Click here to check it out!

Essential Oil Room Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a must for every essential oil lover. Amazon has a great selection of essential oil diffusers. I actually have a few I purchased from Amazon.

This one works great and it’s less than $20. You can buy it here!

You can also check out my post – the best essential oil diffusers – to discover many other essential oil diffusers that would make great gifts for essential oil lovers.

Simply Earth Subscription Box

An essential oil subscription box from Simply Earth is the gift that keeps on giving. Each month that special someone will receive a wellness box full of everything they need to make six natural essential oil recipes.

You can gift them just one month or many months if you would like.

This is one of my favorite gifts for essential oil lovers! You get $150 worth of products for only $39!

But it gets even better, if you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE you will receive a big bonus box, an essential oil recipe box, and a $40 Simply Earth gift card good towards a future purchase.

All of that for only $39.99! Click here to order now 🙂

Simply Earth is a fantastic brand and their essential oils are amazing. You can read my full Simply Earth essential oils review to learn more about the company and their products

I hope you were able to find that perfect gift based on the suggestions above. These gifts are perfect for any special occasion.

If you are still needing a little more gift giving inspiration try checking out my other gift guides below.

Which gifts for essential oil lovers do you like best?

Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers

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