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Best Amazon Gifts For Her Under $15

Best Amazon Gifts For Her

Whether you like it or not the holidays are right around the corner. In preparation for the holiday season I’ve put together a list of the best Amazon gifts for her under $15. Hopefully this gift guide will make your holiday shopping experience a little easier.

All of us have at least a few women we need to find that perfect gift for. And if you’re like me, you may be shopping on a budget. I literally spent hours hunting down the the best Amazon gifts for her under $15. These gifts had to meet three different requirements.

  1. They not only had to be cute they also had to be something I personally would love to receive or something a women in my life would love to receive.
  2. They also had to have at least 4 star reviews. And these review had to be legit and not given in exchange for a free product (there are a ton of reviews like this on Amazon unfortunately).
  3. Lastly, of course, they had to be under $15.

These gifts were not easy to find but I did it. Keep reading to discover what the best Amazon gifts for her under $15 are.


the the best amazon gifts for her under $15

1 | 2020 Monthly Planner

This 6.3″ x 8.4″ planner is beautiful and is the perfect gift for any lady. This 12-month planner features yearly, monthly and weekly pages with ample writing space for all engagements and appointments.  It also has extra lined pages to record notes and reminders, an elastic band closure and an inside pocket for storing receipts and mementos. Click here to learn more!

I also really like this planner and this one too! And they’re both under $15!!!

2 | Adorable Coffee Mug

Isn’t this cat mug the cutest? I’m a sucker for a cute coffee mug! You can purchase this mug in black, white or pink. I think I like the white one best. Click here to check it out!

There is also a matching tea tray that you can purchase separately. So cute!!! Check it out!! 

3 | Burt’s Bee’s Gift Set

This gift set includes 6 travel size products. Honey and grapeseed oil hand cream, coconut foot cream, lemon butter cuticle cream, almond and milk hand cream, hand salve and pomegranate lip balm. Click here to check it out!

Amazon has this Burt’s Bee’s gift set available as well and it’s also under $15! Click here to learn more!!!

4 | Mermaid Blanket

I have secretly always wanted one of these blankets. Doesn’t it look so cozy? This comes in many different colors. But just so you know, the price of the blanket depends on the color. The blanket shown above is under $15 but I noticed some of the other colors were more than $15. Click here to buy!

Gifts on Amazon for women

5 | Makeup Brush Set

This makeup brush set is an amazing deal. I actually received these as a gift last year. They work very well. The brushes included are listed below.

1. Angled Brush
2.Flat Angled Brush
3.Face Flat Brush
4.Round Brush
5.Tapered Brush
6.Blending Brush
7.Angled Eyeshadow Brush
8.Classic Eyeshadow Brush
9.Concealer Brush
10.Precise Brush
11.Detail Brush
12.Angled Detail Brush
13.Classic Detail Brush
14.Eyeliner Brush

Click here to buy!

6 | Macrame Wall Decor

This gift will brighten up any room and make it extra cozy. This macrame wall decor is handmade with 100% cotton rope. It is approximately 12″ W x 32″ L. You can purchase it here.

7 | Cozy Slippers

What girl wouldn’t love a pair of cozy slippers for Christmas? They’re made of soft fleece fabric and the insoles are anti-slip. They come in several different sizes and colors. Click here to check them out!

8 | Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser is an amazing deal!  It can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier or night light. The diffuser shuts off automatically when the water/oil level is too low or time is up. It runs for 3 hours on continuous mode or for over 6 hours on intermittent mode. Click here to learn more about it!

9 | Ceramic Ring Holder

This adorable ring holder features a white & gold polka dot tray with pale green cactus shaped stand. It can hold several unique pieces of jewelry on the cactus branches or the cute base plate. You can purchase it here.

10 | Bath Bombs

What girl doesn’t love bath bombs? These bath bombs are blended with natural essential oils and olive oil to keep your skin moisturized and help relieve stress. And they will not leave any stains on your tub or skin after use. Each bath bomb hs a different scent. The scents include peppermint, orange, lemon, grapefruit, lavender and eucalyptus. You can buy it here!!

Well that wraps up this gift guide of the best Amazon gifts for her under $15! What is your favorite Amazon gift for her under $15? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Best Amazon Gifts For Her Under $15

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