5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the latest craze in the natural health and wellness community. They’ve gained a lot of popularity over the past several years.

And for good reason.

They can help with a variety of different issues such as sleep support, immune support, hair growth and soooo much more!

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how they work click here!

But are there any reasons you shouldn’t buy essential oils? I believe so. I believe there are actually several reasons why you shouldn’t buy essential oils. If you’re interested in essential oils and are thinking about buying them I highly suggest you keep reading!



5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Essential Oils

1 | Never buy Essential Oils if You Think They’re Going To Cure All Your Health Problems

There are a lot of outrageous claims being made about essential oils all over the internet. Some can be pretty ridiculous. And to be honest, some make me a little embarrassed to be a part of the essential oil community.

Listen, essential oils are not going to cure and fix every issue you have. I don’t care what you read or what somebody has told you!

Are essential oils amazing? Yes! Can they help you sleep better? Yes! Can they boost your immune system? Yes! Can you make awesome DIY beauty products with essential oils? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Essential oils have many amazing benefits. But they’re not going to cure your depression or make you lose a ton of weight or fix whatever other major medical issue that you have.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that when essential oils are used in conjunction with other alternative or conventional medicine they can definitely play a role in healing. I just think it’s irresponsible and kinda evil to make people believe essential oils are going to make all of their problems go away.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

So with all that being said, please don’t use essential oils if you have numerous health issues and you don’t plan on implementing any other healing strategies and you think essential oils are going to make all your problems disappear.

Not only will you be completely let down but you’ll probably end up believing essential oils are useless. And that is completely untrue. I 100% believe essential oils have their place in natural healing. You just have to have realistic expectations. And I believe essential oils work best when used in combination with other healing methods.

2 | Never Buy Essential Oils if You’re Going To Purchase Cheap Oils

Essential oils are everywhere nowadays. You can pick them up at your local Walmart or drugstore. But not all essential oils are created equal. Many essential oils (especially those sold at Walmart or at your local drugstore) are synthetic or are adulterated. So please do your research before purchasing essential oils.

Cheap essential oils will not have the same effect as high-quality, 100% pure essential oils. And you’ll probably end up throwing them away and thinking essential oils don’t work. Then you’ll end up missing out on all the amazing benefits essential oils can provide.

Good essential oils don’t have to cost a fortune either. I use Florihana essential oils. You can read my full Florihana essential oils review. They have amazing, high-quality, unadulterated, 100% pure essential oils at extremely affordable prices. I also recommend Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden. They have affordable oils as well.

3 | Never Buy Essential Oils if You Care about What Others Think Of You

If you are overly sensitive or care about what others think of you or say about you, please don’t buy essential oils. Many people don’t know what essential oils are or how they work. And they tend to say stupid, ignorant things because that is what people do when they don’t understand something.

I can’t tell you how many times people have made really rude comments about me using essential oils. Mainly trying to make me feel crazy or stupid because I believe essential oils are improving my health. Never mind the fact that I have actually experienced true healing benefits from essential oils.

Some people think they know everything and they are going to laugh at you or make fun of you. So if that bothers you then just forget about essential oils.

But I really hope you don’t let that stop you. If I would have cared what others thought I wouldn’t be as far as I am on my healing journey. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos last year and essential oils have helped eliminate hundreds of chemicals from my life that were wreaking havoc on my health.

Remember it’s your life and your body. And you have to ultimately make the best decision for your health and well-being!

essential oils

4 | Never Buy essential oils if you’re never going to actually use them

I know this reason might sound silly to some of you but you wouldn’t believe how many people I talk to who tell me they’ve purchased essential oils but have never used them.

I think these people fall into one of three categories. They are either too scared to use them, they don’t know how to use them or they don’t really believe the essential oils will help them so they just don’t even bother.

If you think you might fall into one of these three categories you might as well just not even buy essential oils at all. Don’t waste your money or the precious resources it took to produce the oils.

Only buy essential oils if you’re going to use them and use them consistently!

5 | Never buy Essential Oils if you’re not going to learn to use them safely

Essential oils are extremely potent and powerful. And they can be harmful to your health if they are used improperly. Especially when used on infants and children.

So if you don’t plan on learning about essential oils and educating yourself, please just don’t even purchase them.

Yes, essential oils are natural but they are also highly concentrated. Some need to be diluted. Some shouldn’t be used on children. Some shouldn’t be used while pregnant. There is a lot to learn about essential oils. So if you do decide to purchase them (which I think you should) please do your research!

Some books I recommend on essential oils are below.

Buy it here!

Buy it here!

Well, that sums it up! As you can tell from reading this I’m all for essential oils and natural living. What I am against though is false claims and using essential oils irresponsibly. So if you decide to buy essential oils and start on your oily journey (which I hope you will) just keep everything I’ve written above in mind.

And if you have any questions at all, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to chat!


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  1. FYI – GuruNanda Essential Oils are high quality oils. They are sold at Walmart Stores as well as GuruNanda online front.
    CEO of GuruNanda has a video stating his vision selling his oils at Walmart for many people to have access to High Quality Oils. They sell them in Pharmacy department.

    Now I do know I have seen in another department (candles area) a section for aroma oils that make me cringe and wonder what’s in those. Considering they say on bottle (not for topical use) Hmmmm. If it’s not for topical use why would I inhale it through diffusing??? That truly scares me especially after my own daughter (21) used the candle department aroma oils incorrectly and had rash on her skin. )I immediately helped her by educating on what oils are safe or not).

    RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. Is the key if you are entering into the world of Essential Oils.

    Honestly, I don’t spend high dollars for my oils. GuruNanda Essential Oils at Walmart are not really that cheap, with fluctuating prices for the more expensive oils to extract, they are available locally for many and NOT watered down with fillers. Which is a great option to get your feet wet. So to speak.


    Happy Oiling!!!

  2. When I first saw the title, I thought something totally different, not going to lie lol. But, when I read through this, it made some very valid points. I have friends and family who think EO’s are a “fad” or a scam. I even have one that calls them snake oils, imagine that lol. I have lots of health problems and are on a multitude of medications for said issues that EO’s solely can’t replace (I wish). They help a lot, but they can’t replace my possible long term medications. I do use EO’s in conjunction with the medicines in my daily life. I also use my oils in my daily cleaning routine. Yes, I get called crazy by my family who aren’t used to the idea and are pretty closed minded, but that’s ok. I know my oils work, I’ve seen them in action with my own two eyes. I’m a hard evidence kind of person, and with my oils, I’m sold. I’ll just keep using my oils and let them call me nuts lol. But again, when it comes to the debate between modern medicine vs natural medicine, I use both. I’ll use anything from my prescription imitrex to Frank, marjoram, and lemongrass for a migraine; or Tylenol or Advil or peppermint for a fever. I believe that both were put on this Earth for a reason and that they should be used together.

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