The Best Essential Oil Subscription Box

Looking for the best essential oil subscription box? Well, look no further then Simply Earth essential oils monthly recipe box. Simply Earth will ship high quality essential oils and other goodies directly to your door every month!

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Essential Oil Monthly Subscription Box

There are actually quite a few different essential oil monthly subscription boxes to choose from but none of them quite compare to Simply Earth’s monthly recipe box.

But before I break down the reasons why, let me tell you a little about the company and their essential oils.

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Although, I did receive their February subscription box for free, please know all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Simply Earth Essential Oils

Simply Earth is an essential oils company based in Hingham, Wisconsin. They are family owned and run and they sell high quality essential oils that are completely gmo-free. Simply Earth oils are also free of any fillers or pesticides.

They have a monthly essential oil subscription box that you can have delivered directly to your door. The subscription box contains 4 full size essential oils plus other items to make toxin free recipes & diy’s for your home.

Each recipe is tested by their team of aromatherapists. You can read more about the subscription box below.

Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to organizations who are fighting against human trafficking. Which I think is awesome and is another reason why I believe they are the best essential oil subscription box service.

Click here to read my full Simply Earth essential oils review.

Are Simply Earth Oils Pure?

Simply Earth essential oils do not contain any bases, paraffins, carriers, or additives. They are 100% pure!

Simply Earth also does third party GC/MS batch testing and they display GC/MS reports for all of their oils right on each individual product page.

So their customers can view the reports for themselves and verify that their oils are indeed 100% pure.

Simply Earth essential oils subscription box on wooden cutting board next to plant with text overlay

Is Simply Earth Organic?

Simply Earth’s mission is to provide high quality essential oils at affordable prices. Unfortunately, the organic certification process is very expensive. So they do not require their suppliers to be organically certified.

But like I mentioned earlier, their oils are guaranteed to be 100% pure and they provide testing reports to back that up.

Simply Earth Subscription Box vs Other Essential Oil Subscription Boxes

There are a few reasons why Simply Earth stands out among all the other subscription boxes.

  • Many of the other essential oil subscription boxes available only contain one or two bottles of essential oils. Simply Earth’s monthly box contains four bottles of essential oils, most of which (if not all) are 15ml each.
  • The quality of the essential oils in other subscription boxes are very questionable. Unlike Simply Earth, many make no guarantee of purity nor provide GC/MS testing reports.
  • The price of the Simply Earth subscription box is amazing. More about that below.

Simply Earth Subscription Box Review

I was so excited to receive my February recipe box yesterday. It contained 4 essential oils, a bottle of rose hydrosol, a package of French green clay as well as recipe cards and stickers.

Keep in mind, if you’re a first time customer you’ll also receive a big bonus box as well as a $40 Simply Earth gift card with the monthly recipe box. More about that below!

Items from essential oil subscription laying on wooden cutting board

Details about each item in this months box are below.

Bye-Bye Veins Essential Oil Blend 15ml

This blend helps to increase blood flow to hands and feet, while also helping to reduce spider veins. The blend is made up of lemon, juniper berry and cypress essential oils.

Bye-Bye Viens costs $15.99 when purchased individually on the Simply Earth website.

Fir Needle Essential Oil 15ml

Fir needle essential oil can help reduce muscle aches and purify the air. It has many other benefits as well which you can read about here.

Fir needle essential oil costs $9.99 when purchased individually on the Simply Earth website.

Frankincense Essential Oil 15ml

Frankincense is amazing for pretty much anything and everything! It’s great for skin, hair, your immune system and so much more. I go through a lot of frankincense so I was so excited to get it in this months box.

Frankincense essential oil costs $19.99 when purchased individually on the Simply Earth website.

Coffee Essential Oil 5ml

So I had no idea there was such thing as coffee essential oil. My mind has officially been blown and I’m obsessed. I love the smell of coffee!

Coffee essential oil costs $9.99 when purchased individually on the Simply Earth website.

With the essential oils included in the box I was able to put together this alert roll on which helps increase focus and energy.

Person holding roller blend bottle

And the box included this handy little roller label.

Items from essential oil subscription box laying on wooden cutting board next to essential oil bottles

Like I mentioned earlier, also included in the February box was a bottle of Rose hydrosol and a packet of French green clay.

With those two ingredients I was able to make a simple clay and rose face mask. Which made my skin look amazing by the way.

Items from essential oil subscription box lying on wooden cutting board

A few other diy’s I plan on making with this months goodies are a healing body butter and a sugar scrub.

Every Simply Earth subscription box I have I received, I’ve loved. You can check out previous boxes I’ve done reviews on below so you can get a better idea of what you can expect to find in a Simply Erath recipe box.

Simply Earth vs Young Living

Unlike Young Living, Simply Earth is not an MLM company. So there are no middlemen which means much more affordable prices for you.

I wanted to compare prices for the oils included in this month’s Simply Earth box but unfortunately couldn’t locate fir needle or coffee essential oil on the Young Living website.

And the variety of Frankincense included in the box is different than the variety being sold on Young Living’s website.

So there wasn’t really anyway for me to make a fair comparison.

But one thing to definitely keep in mind is Young Living does not provide their customers with GC/MS testing reports and Simply Earth does.

Simply Earth vs Doterra

And unfortunately, I ran into the same issue when trying to compare Doterra’s prices to Simply Earth’s.

But just like Young Living, Doterra does not provide their customers with GC/MS testing reports. Or at least I couldn’t find any information anywhere confirming otherwise.

And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bash on other essential oil companies. I just think some companies have built a reputation for themselves as being the best or highest quality.

But that’s all it is – a reputation. It’s not actually based on facts or information.

Because the fact is – there are actually many essential oil companies that sell high quality, pure essential oils and Simply Earth is one of them.

And you can save a lot of money by purchasing from them versus from an mlm essential oil company.

Where to Buy Simply Earth Oils?

Simply Earth essential oils and their recipe boxes can be purchased on the Simply Earth website.

First time customers will also receive a big bonus box with the order of their first recipe box as well as with every 6th reoccurring subscription box.

Big bonus boxes usually contain jars and bottles as well as carrier oils for all your different essential oil recipes.

You can check out my Simply Earth September 2021 recipe box review as well as my Simply Earth August 2021 recipe box review to get a better idea of what is inside the big bonus box.

Simply Earth Gift Card Code

The Simply Earth recipe box costs $39.99. The value of the oils included in this months box is over $50 and that’s not including the rose hydrosol, French green clay and labels.

So that is already an amazing deal.

But if you’re a first time customer you’ll also receive the big bonus box which is valued at $40.

But it gets even better – use the code HappyHeartFree to get a free $40 Simply Earth gift card as well! You can use the gift card on your next purchase!

That’s a crazy good deal and I hope you’ll take advantage of it. You can click here to buy it now.

The Best Essential Oil Subscription Service

I truly believe Simply Earth has the best essential oil subscription box. You get high quality essential oils delivered directly to your door at an amazing price.

Plus there is no commitment. Unlike many other subscription box services, you can cancel anytime.

They also have an amazing return policy. If you don’t love your purchase you have 365 days to contact them for a full refund or store credit.

You can also exchange oils in your subscription box. If you receive an oil you already have in your collection or you just don’t like the oil you can exchange it for a different one.

You can click here to learn more about their exchange program.

And one last thing, when you subscribe to Simply Earth’s monthly essential oil box you’ll also get access to their $250 essential oil hero course plus access to member’s only sales.

So to sum it up here’s why Simply Earth has the best essential oil subscription box:

  • High quality, 100% pure essential oils with GC/MS testing reports
  • Additional items included in box to create essential oil recipes to eliminate the toxins from your home
  • Recipes are created and tested by a team of aromatherapists
  • You can cancel anytime
  • They have an awesome exchange program
  • Free access to a $250 value essential oils course so you can learn how to use your oils safely and properly
  • Exclusive access to members only sales
  • 13% of profits are donated to help fight human trafficking
  • Only $39.99 a month!!!!!
  • Get a big bonus box for free with your 1st box as well as with every 6th reoccurring subscription box
  • And don’t forget, if you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE you’ll receive a free $40 gift card with the purchase of your first subscription box

Let me know if you have any questions about Simply Earth or their monthly recipe box.

Monthly Essential Oil Subscription

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