Simply Earth June 2022 Box Review

The Simply Earth June 2022 box is here! Keep reading to find out what is inside. And make sure you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE to score an amazing deal on the purchase of your first recipe box!

The Simply Earth June 2022 box has arrived and as always I’m super excited to share it with you.

This month’s theme is Nature’s Touch. The box includes essential oils and fun DIY recipes that will help you get back in touch with nature. The Simply Earth June 2022 box is valued at around $180.

If you don’t know anything about Simply Earth or their monthly recipe box, I recommend you read my full Simply Earth essential oils review.

But in a nutshell, Simply Earth is a small, family-run, essential oil company that sells high-quality, 100% pure essential oils at affordable prices.

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I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before using essential oils on children under 5 or while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please do not ask me for medical advice. Click here to read my full disclaimer.

Simply Earth essential oils are 100% pure. They do not add any bases, carriers, paraffins, or additives to any of their oils. They also test every batch to ensure 100% purity.

They have a recipe box that you can have auto shipped to your door every month that contains four full-size essential oils and extra items to help you create DIYs to eliminate the toxic products in your home.

Simply Earth June 2022 box sitting on table next to plant.

They also donate 13% of all of their profits to organizations that are fighting to end human trafficking.

This month’s profits will be donated to 5-Stones. Visit to learn more about the organization.

I’ve unboxed/reviewed many of their previous recipe boxes. You can check them out below.

Simply Earth June 2022 Box Review

The Simply Earth June 2022 box included the following full-size essential oils.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Person holding Simply Earth sweet orange essential oil.

Citrus essential oils are my favorite so I was super happy to see sweet orange essential oil in this month’s box. It’s very uplifting and it smells so amazing! It is also great for cleaning!

Timber Essential Oil Blend

Person holding Simply Earth Timber essential oil.

This custom Simply Earth blend includes cypress, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, Peru balsam, and mandarin essential oils.

It has a very masculine scent which makes it a perfect addition to any men’s DIY personal care products. 

Ho Wood Essential Oil

Person holding Simply Earth ho wood essential oil.

Ho Wood essential oil is very calming and it’s also great for immune system support. It has both a woody and floral scent.

Citronella Essential Oil

Person holding Simply Earth sweet citronella essential oil.

Citronella is an oil everyone should have on hand during the summer. It’s well known for repelling insects. A 15ml bottle of citronella from the more expensive MLM brands will cost you at least $20!

The box also included cards for the following recipes:

  • Earthy Diffuser Necklace
  • Beach Feet Sugar Scrub
  • Boho Diffuser Bracelet
  • Nature’s Calm Roll-On
  • Timber Beard Oil
  • Woodland Diffuser Blend
Recipe cards from the Simply Earth June 2022 box sitting on coffee table.

Also included in the box were wood beads, air dry clay, and a body oil base.

Extra items from the Simply Earth June 2022 box sitting on coffee table.

Earthy Diffuser Necklace

I’m super excited about this necklace but I didn’t have a cookie-cutter or a stamp – both of which were required to make this DIY. I really want it to turn out cute so I want to wait until I have everything I need to make it. So that is why I don’t have a picture of the completed project.

After the necklace is complete you can use it as your own personal diffuser. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the clay pendant.

Woodland Diffuser Blend

Person holding Simply Earth Woodland blend.

This diffuser blend smells amazing. It’s made by combining all of the essential oils from the Simply Earth June 2022 box. I made a master blend using the bottle and label provided by Simply Earth

Nature’s Calm Roll-on

Person holding Simply Earth nature's calm roll-on..

This roll-on is made by combining coconut oil and all the essential oils from the Simply Earth June 2022 box. When applied to your pulse points it helps to promote relaxation.

Beach Feet Sugar Scrub

Person holding homemade sugar foot scrub.

I spend the majority of summer barefoot so I was really excited about this DIY foot scrub. It was super easy to make. All I had to do was combine a few of the essential oils with sugar and the body oil base included in the box.

This foot scrub did a great job exfoliating my feet while also leaving them extremely moisturized.

Boho Diffuser Bracelet

Person wearing homemade boho diffuser bracelet.

This boho diffuser bracelet was a lot of fun to put together and I think it turned out so cute! To use this bracelet all you have to do is add a drop or two of essential oil to the uncolored beads.

Timber Beard Oil

Person holding Simply Earth timber beard oil.

This Timber beard oil was super easy to make! But since I don’t have a beard…lol and neither does my husband I can’t say how well it works. I’ll probably end up giving this away to someone who can put it to use!

Get Your Simply Earth June 2022 Box

The Simply Earth June 2022 box is only $39.99 and if you are a first-time customer and you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE, you’ll also receive a big bonus box plus a $40 Simply Earth gift card with your purchase.

That is an amazing deal!!! You can click here to order now!

The big bonus box contains $50 worth of supplies: hard oil, spray bottles, roller bottles, and more!

Plus, you automatically get a big bonus box shipped to you every 6 months if you have a reoccurring monthly subscription.

The last big bonus box I received included everything below.

Simply Earth big bonus box displayed on counter.

You can cancel your subscription box service at anytime. There is no long-term commitment whatsoever!

They also have a very generous return policy which you can learn about here

Click here to order!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about Simply Earth or their recipe box subscription in the comments below!

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