Health Benefits Of Shilajit

Shilajit is something that I can’t live without at this point in my health journey. There are so many health benefits of shilajit. I take it every single day and it’s the best.

I’ve struggled with health issues for over 14 years now and I was officially diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2018.

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I’ve tried so many different diets and supplements over the years and I’m finally at a point in my health journey where I feel absolutely amazing and so many of the symptoms I’ve been dealing with for years are quite literally disappearing.

What has helped me the most is pro-metabolic eating and supplementation.

I’ve taken many different supplements over the years. Unfortunately, most of those supplements I now believe probably did more harm than good. I will be writing a whole post about that soon.

But last year I pretty much threw out all my supplements and switched to whole food supplements like vitamin c, desiccated beef liver, desiccated oysters, and shilajit.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a tar that is excreted from different mountains throughout the world, including the Himalayan, Tibetan, and Siberian mountains.

Shilajit is a complete trace mineral source. It contains more than 84 carbon-bonded organic minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

I believe mineral imbalance is the root cause of metabolic imbalance and metabolic imbalance is the root cause of most illness and disease.

A pro-metabolic diet is a great way to rebalance your minerals but it may not be enough. Especially if you’re in an extremely mineral deficient state.

Shilajit can help bring mineral balance to the entire body.

It is a rich source of fulvic acid which is a compound that increases the delivery of minerals into the cell.

Most food in the grocery store is lacking the minerals your body needs. Most food in the grocery store isn’t even necessarily real food.

The majority of the foods are processed. Some fruits and vegetables are genetically modified and most are sprayed with pesticides. Most dairy products have been pasteurized and have added hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic vitamins.

The majority of the meat in grocery stores is from animals that are fed a diet high in PUFAs to plump them up rather than being fed what they would eat naturally in the wild.

Not to mention the animals are usually given hormones and antibiotics as well.

It’s really sad how disconnected we are from real food. We don’t even know how to recognize it anymore.

Not to mention our soils are depleted of many of the essential minerals our bodies require.

So unless you’ve been eating and drinking raw milk, grass-fed meats and organs, organic free-range eggs, and organic root vegetables and fruit your entire life more than likely you are mineral deficient.

And if you are experiencing different types of health issues then you’re definitely mineral deficient and would most likely benefit from taking shilajit.

Health Benefits Of Shilajit

Shilajit in some ways is known as a panacea because of its many, many, many health benefits. Just a few of the amazing benefits of shilajit are below.

  • anti-aging
  • improves cognitive disorders
  • increases focus & concentration
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases fertility
  • May prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Boosts hemoglobin levels
  • Helps build stress resilience
  • Prevents high altitude sickness

Shilajit has been useful for the treatment of kidney stones, edema, and hemorrhoids, and has also been used as an internal antiseptic.

It has antiulcerogenic properties, antioxidant properties, anti-diabetic properties, antiallergic properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and antifungal properties.

I highly recommend that you read some of the reviews from my favorite brand of shilajit. Shilajit is honestly changing lives which proves how many of our chronic health issues are due to mineral imbalances and deficiencies.

Health Benefits Of Shilajit For Men

Shilajit can increase testosterone in men which can help to improve libido function. Shilajit has also been shown to improve male fertility.

Health Benefits Of Shilajit For Women

Shilajit can help to regulate your menstrual cycle and reduce cramps and PMS. Because of its ability to regulate the menstrual cycle, it can also have a positive impact on the reproductive health of women.

It can also provide relief from many of the symptoms that are caused by menopause.

My Experience With Shilajit

I started taking shilajit in January 2021. I didn’t realize how awesome shilajit was until I ran out of it.

For the few months I was taking it I had amazing energy, extreme mental clarity, and I was so much calmer and relaxed.

At the time I was really into Keto and I had attributed the way I was feeling to my diet. Once I ran out of Shilajit and stopped taking it, all those amazing benefits slowly started to disappear and it took me a while to realize it was the shilajit not my diet.

As soon as I made the connection I got right back to taking shilajit and all those amazing benefits came right back.

And I’ve been taking it every single day ever since.

Some of my worst Hashimotos symptoms were brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety and shilajit has improved all of these symptoms significantly.

My teen boys started taking it earlier this year and I’ve noticed major improvements in their energy levels and cognitive function as well.

How Long Does It Take For Shilajit To Work

The time it takes to feel the effects of shilajit varies from person to person. If your body is in a severely mineral deficient state it might take larger doses over a longer period of time to start experiencing the health benefits of shilajit.

I personally started experiencing mild benefits from shilajit almost immediately and those benefits began to increase over time.

Is Shilajit Good For Daily Use?

Shilajit is definitely good for daily use especially if you are severely deficient in minerals. I’ve taken it pretty much every day for almost a year now.

How Much Shilajit Should Be Taken?

The amount of shilajit that you should take varies from person to person. It all depends once again on the metabolic state of your body. I take around 800mg a day.

And sometimes I take less and sometimes I take more.

I would recommend starting with a very small dosage and working your way up to higher dosages.

If your body is in a severely mineral deficient state that doesn’t necessarily mean you should start taking super large dosages right away.

If your body is severely unwell you could possibly experience a herxheimer reaction.

So start slow and really pay attention to how you feel. If you start to experience anxiety, nausea, headaches, or fatigue then lower your dosage and if you aren’t feeling any different at all then you should increase your dosage.

You’ll know you are taking the perfect dosage for you when you start to feel amazing. When you stop feeling amazing you’ll want to adjust your dosage accordingly.

And remember supplementation, diet, and lifestyle all work synergistically with each other.

It’s very important that you’re fueling your body the right way and with the right things and that you are supporting and nourishing your metabolism.

When Should Shilajit Be Taken?

I think the best time to take shilajit is in the morning. Since it can give you quite the energy boost it’s probably not a very good idea to take it too late in the day. It’s also best to take it with a meal.

I personally like to consume shilajit right after breakfast with my morning coffee.

Shilajit Side Effects

As I mentioned earlier, If your body is severely unwell you could possibly experience a herxheimer reaction from taking shilajit.

Symptoms of a herxheimer reaction include headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, and nausea.

And some shilajit brands may contain high levels of heavy metal ions, free radicals, fungus, and other contaminations that can make you sick.

So you have to make sure the shilajit you purchase is high-quality shilajit. I’ve personally never experienced any negative side effects from taking shilajit.

Where to Buy Shilajit

I’ve tried several different brands of shilajit and the one I keep going back to is Panacea from MitoLife.

The reason I keep going back to it is that it’s the one I experience the most benefits from and also because some shilajit brands contain 26 times the amount of lead, 7 times the arsenic, and 6 times the cadmium of Panacea purified shilajit tablets.

You can watch this video to learn more about heavy metals in shilajit and why Panacea is the best.

Panacea is a pure tablet form of shilajit from the Siberian mountains in Russia. I prefer the tablet form because it is a convenient and easy way to consume shilajit.

You can use the code HAPPYHEART to receive 15% off of your purchase!

Final Thoughts about Shilajit

If you are dealing with a chronic illness, I highly encourage you to learn about the role of minerals in the body. Minerals are what fuel your metabolism and your metabolism is responsible for keeping you alive.

When your metabolism not getting the proper fuel (ie: minerals) that it needs to function, it will stop supporting the bodily functions that aren’t necessary for survival.

Stress depletes minerals in the body. And not just mental and physical stress although that will do it as well, but also environmental stress like toxins and EMFs.

Since we are unable to completely avoid mental, physical, metabolic, and environmental stressors (we can reduce them as much as possible but we can’t completely eliminate them) it’s absolutely vital to our well-being to replenish our minerals on a daily basis with food and whole food supplements.

Taking shilajit daily is one of the best and easiest ways to ensure your metabolism is getting the fuel it needs to work properly.

If you decide to buy shilajit from Mitolife remember to use the code HAPPYHEART to receive 15% off your purchase!


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