6 Workout Motivation Tips to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

6 Workout Motivation Tips to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals | HappyHomeHappyHeart.comI’m not sure about you guys but I’m definitely not a huge fan of working out. Shocker 😮 I know.

I really, really, wish I was though. Because honestly, whenever I get a good work out in I feel amazing. My mood improves. I have more energy. And obviously, the more often I exercise the better my body looks. I can’t think of one good reason not to workout.

But like so many other things in my life, exercise is something that I know I should do……..but I just don’t. At least not as often and consistently as I’d like. And a huge reason for that is not lack of time or energy. It’s lack of motivation. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who struggles with workout motivation. So I wanted to share some different things I’ve been doing to get myself motivated to get moving.


 Workout Motivation Tips

1 | Get Inspired

YouTube is a great place to get inspired for many different things but especially for health and fitness. There are so many fitness YouTubers you can subscribe too. My favorite channels are Sarah’s Day, Tone It Up and Cambria Joy . Sometimes just watching one video from one of these amazing channels is enough to get my butt moving.

If there are any other fitness YouTube channels you recommend please share in the comment section below 🙂

2 | Get a Work Out Partner

Find a friend to work out with. This not only will make your work outs less boring but it’s a great way to stay motivated. If you know your friend is waiting for you at the gym you’ll be more likely to actually go. And it’s great to have a friend who will encourage and support you to get fit.

3 | Buy Cute Work Out Clothes

I’m not sure what it is about a cute work out outfit that makes me want to work out, but it does. Maybe it’s just the fear of feeling like a phony. It’s as if buying cute work out gear and not ever actually putting it to use somehow makes me a fraud…..😆 . I don’t know. But what I do know is whenever I put cute work out clothes on it makes me want to put them to use.

By the way my favorite stores to purchase work out clothes are Old Navy, Target and Amazon.

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4 | Reward Yourself

This is one of the most powerful workout motivation tips there is but it takes a tremendous amount of self control and discipline. But it’s extremely simple.

Set a goal and when you reach it, reward yourself.

Your goal can be losing a specific amount of weight. Or working out a specific amount of time each week. Or maybe the ability to do work out moves that you previously weren’t able to do. It’s totally up to you. Your reward is up to you as well. Some ideas for rewards are new clothes (maybe a cute workout outfit ), a yummy treat (like some fro yo), maybe a massage or a pedicure. It doesn’t really matter as long it is something you really want and can afford.

I love clothes so what I usually do is make a wish list on the website of one of my favorite clothing stores and whenever I reach my goal I’ll allow myself to buy ONE thing off the list. Like I said earlier this takes a lot of self control….😁. An example of a goal I might set for myself is completing at least 80% of the workout plan I’ve created for that month.

5 | Create a Workout Playlist

Isn’t it crazy how much music can affect your mood and your mind? Music is so powerful. I can go from being completely lethargic and tired to pumped up and ready to work out in a matter of minutes when the right type of music begins to play. Don’t under estimate the power of music. Create a playlist of the songs that get your body moving on Spotify, YouTube, Itunes or whatever music service you use.

6 | Remember Why You’re Doing It

This is the most important tip. You have to figure out why you want to work out. Is it to lose weight? Is it to be healthier? Is it to have more energy? Try to be as specific as possible. Whatever the reason is, you have to want it badly.

So whenever you don’t feel like working out, you can remind yourself of the reason why you need to do it. Because what it ultimately comes down to is, how important to you is working out? If your reason for working out doesn’t fuel you with the motivation to actually get up an do it then its obviously something that’s not very important to you. And that’s totally fine. We just have to be honest with ourselves and be willing to accept that fact.

I really hope these tips help you guys. They’ve honestly helped me so much. Especially the last one. If any or perhaps all of these tips motivated you to start working out more be sure to read my post about how to actually stick to your workout routine. And please let me know in the comment section if any of these tips have helped you 🙂

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