How To Memorize Scripture: 7 Simple Tips

How To memorize scripture: 7 Simple Tips | HappyHomeHappyHeart.com

So if you read my post about scripture memorization you know how important and beneficial it is for the Christian to memorize scripture. But you might be saying to yourself  “There is no way I’m capable of memorizing scripture. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night“. But if you can memorize your ABC’s or if you know every word to “achy breaky heart”  or any other song for that matter, you can memorize scripture.

Trust me.

I felt the same way before I gave it a try. I now have countless scripture memorized. You can do it. The only one who wants to convince you that you can’t is satan because he knows what a powerful weapon it is to use against him. The Lord desires you to know his word and to hide it in your heart and he will help you.


Choosing a Scripture to Memorize

When beginning scripture memorization the first thing you need to do is choose the scripture you would like to memorize.

Personally, I do this a few different ways. One of those ways is choosing a scripture that I can apply to my life at that moment. Maybe I’m struggling with lust or jealousy. In that case, I’ll choose a scripture that pertains with the sin or issue I’m dealing with. Other times I may hear a verse at church, on the radio or I may read it during my study time that jumps out at me and I’ll decide to memorize it.

There is no right or wrong way.

But I do recommend choosing scriptures that you can either apply to your life or that just make your soul happy versus opening your Bible at any random page and picking the first scripture you see. We don’t want this spiritual discipline to become religious, legalistic, or methodical. We want it to be beneficial to our heart and soul.

I keep a sheet in my Bible study notebook where I write down the different scriptures I would like to memorize. I’m constantly adding to it. This helps me to never struggle when it comes to choosing a scripture to memorize.

How Long Does it Take to Memorize Scripture?

The time it takes to memorize scripture will vary. It will depend on the person and the length of the verse. I usually take around a week to memorize a verse. And I’ll typically spend around 10 minutes a day implementing the tips listed below. But I know of people who only take a day or two to memorize scripture. So there is no right or wrong length of time.

How to Memorize Scripture

1 | Pray

Like I said earlier the Lord desires for us to know his word and whenever we are obedient to him and seek to do his will, he will give us the strength and ability to do it. So before you start trying to memorize scripture by your own power make sure you take a moment to ask him for the power to do so and he will provide.

2 | Start Small

Instead of memorizing a verse that is 60 words or more, start with something smaller. Perhaps a verse that is around 30 words or less. Or if there is a verse you really have the desire to memorize that is quite long, break it down into sections. Take a few days to memorize the first part and than a few more days to memorize the second part and so on.

3 | Write it Down

When trying to retain information one of the best tools we have is a pencil and paper. There’s good evidence that the act of writing itself helps us remember things better. I suggest writing down your memory verse between 5 and 10 times in a notebook every few days until you have it memorized. Writing them down in a notebook is also a great way to keep track of all the verses you’ve memorized.

4 | Display the Verse Around Your Home

Write the verse on a chalkboard in your home. Write it on a mirror. Find the image of the verse on Pinterest and print it out and display it in areas of your home that you spend the most time. Constantly seeing the verse really helps to imprint it on your mind.

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5 | Create a Bookmark

I like to create a bookmark of the verse I’m attempting to memorize. I usually will just go to Pinterest and search for my memory verse. Once I find an image of one I really like I will print it out and laminate it (I use these laminating sheets). I will then use this bookmark while studying my Bible. Similar to the last tip, constantly seeing the verse helps you to remember it.

6 | Use the Verse as a Background on Your Phone or Computer

Again this is where Pinterest comes in very handy. Find an image of your memory verse on Pinterest, save it to your phone or laptop and set it as your background image. This is one of the most effective ways to memorize scripture. Think about how many times a day you look at your phone. Not only does just looking at the verse help you to remember it but I would suggest repeating the verse everytime you see it on your phone or computer screen.

7 | Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

This kind of goes without saying but you definitely need to be constantly reciting the scripture out loud or in your mind. I like to do this when I’m in the shower, doing dishes, cooking or basically whenever I’m doing something that doesn’t require too much brain power. This is where having the scripture displayed around your home can be very beneficial as well.

I’m in the process of making printable scripture cards for you guys but in the meantime you can buy some on Amazon to help you get started. These ones from Jenny M. are adorable and I really like these ones too!

If you haven’t read my post about the importance of scripture memorization you can read it here. Scripture memorization has helped me in so many different ways and I pray it helps you as well. If you have any other tools or tricks that you use to help memorize scripture that I didn’t mention please share in the comments below 🙂

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  1. This is good, Candice! As a small child, a love for Scripture was instilled in me. Memorizing Scripture was fun and rewarding. Decades later, I began teaching my babies – yes *babies* – to memorize Scripture as soon as they could speak. They grew up reciting God’s Word and hiding it in their little hearts. For 16 years I was an inner-city children’s pastor. We had Scripture memorization games, contests, prizes, recognition in church – anything to instill and encourage them to have passion for the Word of God.

    For those who are trying to get traction learning to memorize Scripture, the Navigators have a terrific system for Scripture memorization. It’s structured and very practical. Very doable for anyone, whether a beginner or a veteran.

    Keep encouraging the ancient discipline of Scripture memorization, Candice. It’s the best way to meditate on the Word, and the added bonus is hiding it in the heart.

  2. I have been using the Bible Memory app for months, and love it! It used to be called Scripture Typer. A great way to keep reviewing what you’ve memorized.

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