The Flourish Wellness Planner

The Flourish Wellness Planner is created to help you live a happier, healthier, toxin-free life without the stress & overwhelm!​

The 50-page Wellness Planner includes a month-by-month plan to help you tackle the toxins in your home as well as monthly diffuser blends, roller blends, and essential oil recipes. It also includes a monthly fitness planner and a healthy eating planner.  

Developing new healthy habits and making lifestyle changes that last are the key to living a life of abundant wellness.

  • Digital file only​
  • No items will be shipped
  • Print as many times as you want
  • Can be used year after year
  • Monthly ditch & switch challenge to help you eliminate toxic chemicals in your home​
  • Monthly roller bottle recipes, diffuser blends, and essential oil DIYs
  • ​Each month features a place to jot down health goals, to-do’s, & important dates
  • The fitness planner features an area to write monthly fitness goals and weekly workout schedule
  • Healthy eating planner features an area to track foods to avoid, foods to eat, water goals, & daily vitamins​
  • ​The healthy eating planner also features an area to write out a monthly meal plan​