Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review


Looking for high quality, affordable essential oils? Look no further than Plant Therapy.

100% Pure

Plant Therapy essential oils are 100% pure and contain no additives or fillers.

Green Leaf

Provides GC/MS Reports

Each batch of oil goes through multiple rounds of third party GC/MS testing and a full panel of the chemical constituents is available on each product page.

Green Leaf

Proper Bottling & Labeling Techniques

Oils are bottled in dark, amber, glass bottles which prevents the oil from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Green Leaf

1. Plants are harvested from indigenous locations  2. Plants are organic or wildcrafted 3. They use proper extraction methods 4. The oils are 100% pure 5. They provide GC/MS testing reports 6. They bottle & label their oils properly 7. They're affordable