Simply Earth Recipe Box Review

Simply Earth creates high-quality essential oils at affordable prices. They also have an amazing monthly recipe box that you can have delivered directly to your door. Check out this Simply Earth recipe box review!

Simply Earth Recipe Box Review

Simply Earth has become one of my absolute favorite essential oil companies. Their prices are amazing and their essential oils are even better.

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Simply Earth Essential Oils

Simply Earth is a small, family-run essential oil company. They sell single oils, custom blends, essential oil diffusers and so much more.

Simply Earth essential oils are completely GMO-free. They’re also from pesticide-free sources, tested for purity, and are 100% filler-free.

Simply Earth also does third party GC/MS batch testing and they display GC/MS reports for all their oils right on each individual product page.

If you would like to learn more about Simply Earth essential oils you can read my full Simply Earth review here.

Although I did receive this recipe box for free, please know all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Simply Earth Monthly Recipe Box

My favorite thing about Simply Earth is their monthly recipe box.

The monthly recipe box contains 4 full-size, 100% pure essential oils, essential oil recipe cards, and extra items needed to make several essential oil DIY’s. Each box is themed based on the month. 

Each  Simply Earth subscription box is only $39. And there is no long term commitment. You can cancel anytime. 

And if you’re a first time customer you’ll also receive a big bonus box as well as a $40 Simply Earth gift card with the monthly recipe box. Just make sure to use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE!

Simply Earth May 2020 Recipe Box

This month’s theme is women’s health. The May box includes two single essential oils and two blends as well as dried lavender buds, an amber squeeze bottle, and a small clear jar.

Marjoram Essential Oil 15ml

Marjoram essential oil calms, relieves pain, and eases congestion. It can be applied topically or you can use it aromatically. 

Tangerine Essential Oil 15ml

Tangerine essential oil uplifts, supports focus, aids digestion, and supports immunity.

It can be used topically or aromatically. It also makes a great addition to a DIY all-purpose cleaner.

Good Vibes Blend 15ml

Good Vibes is a blend made from lavender, lemon, ho wood, geranium, and clary sage. It smells amazing!

Good Vibes is used to promote hormone health and it is also very uplifting.

Ladies’ Choice Blend 15ml

Ladies’ Choice contains a blend of clary sage, marjoram, lavender, and geranium. It also smells amazing!

Ladies’ Choice relieves PMS symptoms. It can be applied topically or used aromatically.

The box also contained several items to put together a few essential oil DIY’s.

Good Vibes Roll-On

To create this roller blend I had to use a roller bottle and coconut oil I had received in a previous big bonus box. They were not included in the May box.

But remember, you will receive a big bonus box for free when you purchase your first recipe box if you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE.

This roller blend can be applied to your pulse points or the bottoms of the feet to support hormonal wellness.

Complexion Face Serum

The May box included everything I needed except for almond oil to make this complexion face serum.

It took about one minute to make and my skin loves it. I’ve been using it the past week and my skin looks and feels amazing.

Balance Bath Soak

Unfortunately, the May box did not include everything necessary to make this recipe. But luckily I had everything I needed on hand and I was able to put together this lovely bath soak.

This bath soak is made with epsom salt, coconut oil, Good Vibes blend, Ladies’ Choice blend, and lavender buds.

It smells beautiful, looks beautiful, and makes bath time so relaxing. I love it!

The box also included items to make a spring day diffuser blend, positivity solid perfume, and a cramp care compress. I haven’t put those together yet but plan to later today.

Simply Earth Coupon Code

The Simply Earth recipe box costs $39.99. The value of the oils included in this month’s box is well over $39.99. And that’s not including the extra supplies and goodies.

But if you’re a first time customer you’ll also receive a big bonus box which is valued at $40. 

But it gets even better – use the code HappyHeartFree to get a free $40 Simply Earth gift card as well! You can use the gift card on your next purchase!

Don’t miss out! This deal is only for a limited time. You can click here to buy now.

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