Simply Earth July 2024 Box Review

The Simply Earth July 2024 box theme is “Bath & Spa,” and it includes a mix of energizing and calming essential oils plus other items to help you pamper yourself at home. Keep reading to discover everything that is inside!

Simply Earth July 2024 Box Review

My Simply Earth July 2024 box has arrived, and I’m super excited to tell you all about it!

This month’s theme is “Bath & Spa.” The Simply Earth July 2024 box includes energizing and calming essential oils.

The box also includes extra items to make six fun, non-toxic bath and body products. But before I show you everything in the box, I wanted to share a little bit more about Simply Earth.

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Simply Earth Essential Oils

I have been using Simply Earth essential oils for quite a few years now. A few years back, I made the switch from a very expensive, well-known brand. 

And I don’t regret it one bit!

Simply Earth is a small (but growing) essential oil company. The founders started Simply Earth to help make your home natural and toxin-free with pure and affordable essential oils.

Their essential oils are much more affordable than the previous brand I used, but they work just as well!

And one of my absolute favorite things about Simply Earth is they give back. Simply Earth donates 13% of its profits to organizations fighting to end human trafficking.

This month, Simply Earth will support 5 Stones, an anti-human trafficking organization in Dodge County, WI.

So, if you decide to purchase this month’s box, remember that a percentage of your purchase will go to this organization, which I think is awesome.

If you want to learn more about Simply Earth, you can read my full Simply Earth essential oils review.

Simply Earth Subscription Box

The thing that truly sets Simply Earth apart from other essential oil companies is its monthly subscription box service.

I believe there is no other subscription box like it. They truly have the best essential oil subscription box.

Over the past few years, I’ve reviewed many of their essential oil monthly boxes. Below are a few of them.

If you take the time to check out my previous reviews, you’ll discover that Simply Earth’s monthly boxes are consistently awesome and an amazing deal!

First-time customers can get the monthly recipe box, a big bonus box, and a $45 Simply Earth gift card, all for only $29.99 when you use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE!!!!

Ok, time to show you what is in this month’s box!

Although I did receive this recipe box for free, please know all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Simply Earth July 2024 Box

Every Simply Earth essential oil box comes with at least four essential oils. The oils are almost always full-size, and this month’s box is no exception. You’ll find the following essential oils in the Simply Earth July 2024 Box.

Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fir needle essential oil is made from the needles of the fir tree. It is a very calming and soothing essential oil.

It’s also perfect for diffusing in the winter months because it has a Christmas tree scent. You can click here to learn more about the benefits of fir needle essential oil.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is made from the peel of bergamots. It has a very citrusy scent and I think it smells absolutely wonderful!

I use bergamot often in my stress relief essential oil roller blend and also in my hormone balance roller.

Tranquility Essential Oil Blend

This blend is made with orange, lemon, patchouli, ylang ylang, and amyris essential oils. It smells really good. I’ve been diffusing it every day for the past week, and it has a relaxing, calming effect.

Sleepy Essential Oil Blend

This blend is made with lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, and ho wood essential oils. It smells so wonderful. It can be used at bedtime to help you relax and fall asleep.

The Simply Earth July 2024 box also includes paper molds, dried rose petals, cocoa butter, citric acid, recipe cards, and labels for your essential oils and DIY products.

If you’re a first-time Simply Earth customer, you’ll also receive a big bonus box when you purchase your recipe box. The big bonus box includes many other essential oil goodies. I’ll share more about that in a bit.

But first, let’s talk about the different recipes you can make with the essential oils and other items included in the Simply Earth July 2024 box.

The recipes below are perfect for pampering yourself, and they also make great gifts!

Dreamy Sugar Scrub

This dreamy sugar scrub was really easy to make and only took a few minutes. It can be used to exfoliate your skin. To use, simply apply the sugar scrub to wet skin and gently scrub the skin using circular motions.

Bath Fizzing Fairy Dust

This bath-fizzing fairy dust is used to create a fun bath experience. When added to the bath water it will create fun, fizzy magic. It is fun for kids and adults.

Plus, the fizzing fairy dust also contains coconut oil to moisturize your skin, and essential oils help you relax.

The bath-fizzing fairy dust also contains Natrasorb bath powder. Natrasorb bath powder is a natural proprietary powder that improves the quality of DIY bath products.

It is made with tapioca powder that is modified to be able to absorb and carry large amounts of carrier oils, emulsifying wax, and essential oils.

When Natrasorb bath powder comes in contact with water, it immediately dissolves, releasing the oils, and spreading them out in the water.

Chocolate Rose Bath Melt

This chocolate rose bath melt is amazing! It leaves your skin so soft and smooth.

To use, simply run a warm bath, add the bath melt, and enjoy.

Rest Easy Roll-On

Roll-ons are another quick and convenient way to use essential oils. This rest easy roll-on is made with coconut oil, bergamot essential oil, the Sleepy essential oil blend, and the Tranquility essential oil blend.

You can apply it to your pulse points before bed to help you relax and support rest.

Peaceful Forest Diffuser Blend

Thanks to my Simply Earth monthly boxes, I never run out of new diffuser blends. This Peaceful Forest diffuser blend smells so good!

It’s made with a combination of all the essential oils included in the Simply Earth July 2024 box.

Bergamot Cocoa Bath Creamers

These bergamot cocoa bath creamers are similar to bath melts, but they have a slightly different texture. To use them, simply add them to a warm bath right before you get in.

Simply Earth Big Bonus Box

The Simply Earth big bonus box will be shipped to you for free with the purchase of your first recipe box. It will automatically ship every six consecutive months that you remain subscribed to the Simply Earth monthly box

The big bonus box contains $50 worth of supplies, including carrier oils, roller bottles, and more!

You can watch the video below to learn more about the Simply Earth big bonus box.

Just in case you’re on the fence about whether or not you should buy the Simply Earth July 2024 box, I wanted to share a few more cool things about Simply Earth.

When you subscribe to the Simply Earth recipe box, there is absolutely no commitment. Unlike many other subscription box services, you can cancel anytime. 

They also have an amazing return policy. If you don’t love your purchase, you can contact them for a full refund or store credit within 365 days.

You can also exchange oils in your subscription box. If you receive an oil you already have in your collection or you just don’t like the oil, you can exchange it for a different one.

You can click here to learn more about their exchange program.

And one last thing, when you subscribe to Simply Earth’s monthly essential oil box, you’ll also get access to their $250 essential oil hero course plus access to member-only sales.

Well, that wraps up this Simply Earth July 2024 box review. Remember to use the code HAPPYHEARTFREE at checkout to receive a free $45 Simply Earth gift card with the purchase of your first recipe box!

Click here to buy!

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